I'm a philosopher working mainly in the philosophy of logic, metaphysics and metasemantics. Beyond that I also have some interest in aesthetics, medieval philosophy and sundry small topics. I work at the School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science at the University of Leeds as a Research Development Assistant, as part of which I spend a fair bit of time polishing up funding applications for research proposals.

I did my PhD at Leeds too, under the supervision of Robbie Williams, Jason Turner and Robin Le Poidevin, and before that I did my undergraduate and MA degrees (both in philosophy) at the Leyden University in the Netherlands. My PhD research was on the metaphysics of logic: I investigated whether the logical vocabulary, in all its utility and apparent indispensability, tells us something about the structure of reality. I argued that it does not (see my thesis here). After my PhD I was a Research Fellow (i.e. postdoc) at the University of Aberdeen, attached to the AHRC project "The Metaphysical Basis of Logic" (2013-2015) which also starred Franz Berto and Toby Meadows, before recently returning to Leeds.

Apart from here on this page and hopefully somewhere in concrete reality, you can find me on twitter, on facebook, on google+, on academia.edu, on philpapers and on linkedin. I should add that the latter four are mere territorial markings and I rarely do anything with them. They mostly just buoy me up in search results.

In my spare time I make a lot of music, sometimes with other philosophers but never about philosophy. I also give ukulele lessons, so if you fancy one (and you're in Leeds) drop me an e-mail.