Tuesday Night Men's Golf League

Week 3 May 22, Front 9 -- forecast p/s mid 70s.

Closest to the pin #12 Pat (yours truly), #14 Secor, $23 each.

EVERYONE is eligible (including subs) to enter this weekly game for $2 -- the envelope is on the 1st tee each night (winners split the pot).

The last group in B flight please pick up markers and turn in slips with your scorecard.

 Only 5 birdies and 3 skins -- Buron 2 on 12, D Steadman 3 on 16, Verberkmoes 3 on 17; $15 each; birdies on 11 were cancelled.

Feeling LUCKY?? . . . "well are ya punk"? New this year is the "hole-in-1" club. ALL LEAGUE MEMBERS are eligible to join.

   Just give Pat your $5 for the pot ($5 x 40 players if everyone enters = $200 for the season -- cost ya that much just to buy the beer) and the FIRST hole-in-1 made this year       WINS  THE POT (up to $75 so far).

   But to be fair to both flights, if there is more than one hole-in-1 on a given night (what's the chance of that happening?) they will SPLIT the pot equally.

   The end of year fun night scramble is included in this game, but NOT match play.

   As soon as someone wins we'll start a new pot, and if no one wins we'll carry the pot over to next season and add to it.

Week 2 May 15, Back 9 -- Wow, sunny 80 degrees and a great first night for golf!!! Forecast looks good for Week 2, sunny mid-70s.

Closest to the pin #2 Della Vedova, #9 Hester; $18 each. EVERYONE is eligible to enter this weekly game for $2 -- the envelope is on the 1st tee each night. The last group in B flight should pick up markers and turn in slips with their scorecard.

7 birdies, 2 skins -- Hart 3 on 5, Worden 3 on 6; $22 each; 2 birdies on 3, 3 birdies on 8 were cancelled.

Just a couple reminders --

1) Always be aware of your "pace of play" -- which means when the group ahead of you hits their 2nd shot you should be ready to tee off; you should be able to complete your round in less than 2 hours, 15 minutes on a course this short.

2) No practicing on the same 9 (including any green) as we're playing that night -- violators will be subject to disqualification for that night's match.

Welcome to the Tuesday Night Men’s Golf League at Elmbrook and thank you for joining us this season.

Tuesday Night Men’s Golf League, May 8 through Sept 18, 2018 (July 3rd OFF)

Week 1 May 8, Front 9 and we're off ................. team pairings and tee times will be emailed for this week's play.

Web site – https://sites.google.com/site/tnmgleague/home                        

Find postings on season schedule, weekly pairings, results, handicaps, match play brackets, sub list, and misc docs.

League Policies and Procedures

Rules committee members are – Pat Buron (League Manager), Dave Gauthier, Kerry Glaesmer, and Mike Horton. This committee will have the final say on league rulings.


Look under Weekly Pairings link for your Team #, T-time, and opponent each week (also posted on bulletin board in back of Proshop).

Six points are awarded weekly, 2 points per player using handicaps (1 each for ties), and 2 points for winning team (1 each for ties). Top 2 teams from each flight and next 2 highest point teams (from either flight) qualify for League Championship playoff at end of season.

Pace of play – your 9-hole round should be completed within 2 hours, 15 minutes. Please repair all ball marks on the greens.


GPS devices and range finders will be allowed for league play.


Age 70+ option – may choose to hit from forward tee box (white tees); must decide at the beginning of the season and stick with it.


Sub list -- if you can't make it for your assigned t-time please contact a sub (see Sub List tab on website) to take your place. The sub will play on your green fee but will have to pay the $10 cart fee unless your membership includes a cart. If you are just a "no show" you will forfeit your match and your partner will play both players on the other team against his score but will not be eligible for the two "team" points, so the most you could win is 4 pts for the match.


If you play golf on the same day of league play PRIOR TO your match, don’t play the same 9 as you are playing your league match that night. If you are playing 18 holes prior to your league match you should play the alternate 9 twice. You should never play any practice or warm-up holes on the same 9 as you are playing in league play, match play, or league championships. Offenders will be subject to match disqualification.


Place completed weekly scorecards in the slot next to the bulletin board in the back of the clubhouse; 1 player from each team needs to attest and sign the card. Circle ALL BIRDIES on your card.


Handicaps – will be updated and posted (usually on web site by the weekend) weekly.


“Double Par” rule – MAXIMUM score on a par 3 = 6, par 4 = 8, par 5 = 10; once you reach the “double par” just pick up and move on.

Gimme Putts -- to help speed up play each player can determine a "gimme" with his opponent, but please remember don't be too generous (usually within a foot or so unless there is a lot of break on the putt) because each of us have to "protect the integrity of the field". Presume you have to putt out unless your opponent says "that's good". In our League Championship matches WE ALWAYS PUTT EVERYTHING OUT. You should always place your "coin/mark" behind the ball when marking, NOT IN FRONT, since you're not allowed to touch your putting line.


League rules allow you to "roll" the ball in YOUR OWN FAIRWAY only; play everything else "as it lies" – no “fluffing” or moving the ball in the rough.


Sometimes we play when it is raining or has rained during the day; if the course is wet and muddy league rules permit "lift, clean, and place" in your OWN fairway. If Elmbrook won’t allow carts on the course due to wet conditions we will cancel matches for that week. If matches are cancelled due to weather rain checks will be issued by Elmbrook.


Lost ball or out of bounds – 3 minute time limit to look for ball; count 1 penalty stroke, drop the ball (no closer to the hole) 90 degrees and within two (2) club lengths OUT OF THE HAZARD, OR TALL GRASS, OR OUT OF BOUNDS LINE, from where you and your opponent agree the ball was lost. NO provisional balls should be played. If you find your ball and decide to take an “unplayable lie” (1 stroke penalty), you take a drop two (2) club lengths FROM WHERE YOU FOUND YOUR BALL (your drop may not get you out of the hazard, tall grass, or from under a tree). Do not remove the green stakes along east side of hole #3, take a two (2) club length drop no closer to the hole with no penalty as long as your ball is not out of bounds.


Optional weekly closest to the pin on Par 3’s; $2 entry fee per player; winner(s) are paid weekly. The LAST GROUP in B Flight -- please pick up the proximity marker and turn in slips with your score card.


Skin results will be printed weekly at the bottom of the scorecards; skins are calculated weekly and paid in September. Circle all birdies.

If you play your match other than on your regularly scheduled tee time any birdies will not count towards skins.

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