Tuesday Night Men's Golf League

Week 20, Sept 15, Front 9 -- Fun night, 4-person scramble, steak BBQ, awards, and prizes for everyone.

3:45-4:40 -- check-in, warm-up, hole and team assignments.

4:45-7:00 -- scramble, regular scramble rules apply.

7-7:30 -- steak BBQ

7:30-8:15 -- season awards and prizes

Congratulations to the 5 teams who qualified for the league playoff on Sat Sept 12. Here are the playoff results ---

1 tie -- Pat (76 gross, 68 net) & Mike H (87 gross, 75 net), 143 points

1 tie -- Dave G (81 gross, 73 net) & Mike B (84 gross, 70 net), 143 points

3 -- Kirk B (88 gross, 78 net) & John R (93 gross, 73 net), 151 points

4 -- Guy C (92 gross, 78 net) & Doug E (94 gross, 74 net), 152 points

5 -- Tod (98 gross, 82 net) & Mike C (98 gross, 80 net), 162 points

Be sure to pick up your 3 season rain checks (rainouts May 12, 26, Aug 8) from the proshop.

Have a great and safe fall and winter -- see you in the spring at our registration meeting on Tuesday, April  19, 2016, first night May 3rd.

Week 19, Sept 8, Front 9 -- Rained out -- pick up rainchecks at the Proshop.

Last week we had 9 birdies and only 1 skin on # 12. Play of the week winner was Tod C on # 12.

Low gross in A flight went to Pat B with a 39, while low net was Will M with a 33 (40 gross). B flight low gross was a tie with Kirk B and Kerry G who both shot 41, while low net went to Gary M with a 31 (43 gross) -- congratulations to all.

This is our last regular night, next Tue the 15th will be the fun night scramble, steak bbq, and awards night. Please be at Elmbrook by 4-4:30 to check in, pay your cart fee (or you can walk for no additional charge), warm up, and be ready to tee off by 4:45 for the shotgun start; scramble teams and starting hole will be posted here later this week. BBQ, prizes, and season awards will follow. If it rains on the 15th we will still have the BBQ, prizes, and awards starting at 4:45.


REMINDER -- if your team is in the running for the season-ending league championship playoff (A/B flight winners plus next 2 highest point teams and ties) be sure to keep the weekend of Sept 12-13 open on your calendar; the playoff to determine the league champion is scheduled for Sat at 2 pm with Sunday the rain date.

League Playoff team qualifiers -- 

Pat B and Mike H 83 points; 

Dave and Mike B 61 points; 

Tod and Mike C 59 points; 

Kirk and John R 55 points; 

Guy and Doug 55 points.  


Week 18, Sept 1, Back 9 -- Last week we had 4 birdies on #1, 3, 7, 8, and all of them held up for a skin. Play of the week winner was Dave G on #7.

Low gross for A flight went to Pat B and Mike H both with 40, low net was Joe L with a 33 (gross 47). B flight low gross went to Kirk B with a 40, and low net both with 35's went to Kirk and Kerry G (gross 44). 


Week 17, Aug 25, Front 9 -- Last week we had 13 birdies and 3 skins on #11, 13, and 18. Play of the week winner was Shawn F on # 11.

Low gross in the A flight went to Pat B with a 35 and tied Ramon with a low net of 31. B flight low gross was John W with a 41 and low net of 31.


Week 16, Aug 18, Back 9 -- Last we had 6 birdies and ALL WERE TIED so this week will be double skins. Play of the Week winner on # 3 was Mike C.

Low gross in the A flight was Bill L with a 39 and low net went to Len B with a 33; B flight low gross was Mike C & Guy C with 43's, while low net went to Mike C, Herb L, & Brett D all with 34's.

HANDICAPS -- are calculated on your MOST RECENT 10 scores (since about mid-June, highest 4 of those 10 are tossed out) and the computer calculates a differential average based on your lowest 6 scores which includes the course & slope rating. That's why your handicap does not normally change much, maybe +/- 1 or 2.

If two teammates have identical handicaps, like 9, the computer will print the lower handicap player first on the scorecard using the hundredths position after the decimal.

For example, Bruce may have a handicap of 8.52 (rounded to 9 on the scorecard) and Jack may have a handicap of 9.39 which is also rounded to 9 on the scorecard; Bruce is listed first on the scorecard.

If you want to learn more about how handicaps are calculated just Google "golf handicaps". Just remember a player's handicap is intended to show a player's "potential" when you play well, not your "average" score for all rounds, as is the common belief among many amateurs. 


Week 15, Aug 11, Front 9 -- Last week we had 16 birdies AND 1 eagle on #11; and # 16 was birdied 6 times; every hole except #13 was birdied; we ended up with 6 skins on # 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, & 17. WOW, what a week. Here's more stats for the week -- The hardest hole was # 13 with a 6.65 stroke avg, the easiest hole of course was # 16 with a 4.45 stroke avg. Gross score avg in A flight was 43.33 and net score avg of 35.57, and B flight gross score avg was 44.45 with a net score avg of 35.82. Low gross score was Matt G with a 35 and tied Ramon R with a net 32, and B flight low gross went to Guy C with 41, and Brett D had the lowest net score with a 27 (gross 42). Thirteen players in the A flight scored below their handicap, and 5 in the B flight. And one more items of interest I have never seen before in scoring league stats, 2 opposing teams scored exactly the same net scores -- Ken H net 33 tied Will M net 33, and teammate Joe L net 37 tied Russ G net 37 (also tied gross), so they split the "team" points. Play of the Week closest to the pin on #18 went to Jim O.


Week 14, August 4, Back 9 -- Last week we had 7 birdies and 2 skins on # 8 and #9. Low gross in the A flight went to Pat B with a 38 and low net both with 33's went to Joe L and Mike H. In the B flight low gross was Charles J with a 41 and low net went to Mike N with a 32. Play of the week winner was Trevor Jr with the closest to the pin on with his 2nd shot on # 8.

Match Play continues this week and is due to be completed by Aug 11.


Week 13, July 28, Front 9 -- Last week we had 10 birdies AND 1 EAGLE by Bill B on # 16 (wow, that guy must be good), so we ended up with 3 skins on #13, 15, & 16. Low gross in the A flight went to Pat B and Bill L tied with 39's and low net was a 31 by Len B. In B flight low gross AND net went to Charles J who shot a 38, with a net 32. Play of the week winner was Mike Niebel with the longest putt on #18.

Match Play, Round 3 continues with Pat B vs Josh L, and Mike H vs Larry L.


Week 12, July 21, Back 9 -- Last week we had only 5 birdies and 1 skin on # 3 (guess who?). Low gross in A flight went to Matt G and Pat B with 38's and low net was Pat B with a 33; and B flight low gross was Kirk B for the 2nd week in a row with a score of 38, while low net went to Doug E (also had 2 birdies and wishing he was in skins :) and Gerry P with 32's.

Match Play, Round 2 continues with completion date of July 21st. 


Week 11, July 14, Front 9 -- Last week we had 13 birdies and 2 skins on # 13 and 14. Play of the Week winner on #16 was Trevor Jr -- closest to the pin with 2nd shot.

Low gross in A flight was Matt G who shot a 37, and low net was Trevor Jr with a 33 (42 gross); and B flight low gross was Kirk B and Rich R with 41's, and low net Doug E with a 31.

Match Play -- Round 2 continues with completion due by July 21st. Those moving on include Mike H vs Trevor Jr, Larry L vs Guy C, Josh L vs Trevor Sr, and Pat B vs Rich R -- good luck to all.


Week 10, July 7, Back 9 -- Last week we had 10 birdies and 2 skins on # 5 and 7. Play of the Week winner on #5 was Kirk B -- closest to the pin with 2nd shot.

Low Gross A flight was Dave G who shot a 37 with a low net of 32; and the B flight low gross was Kirk B with a 38 (34 net), and low net was Tod C with a 32 (43 gross).


Week 9, June 30, Front 9  -- Last week we had 8 birdies and 4 skins on # 10, 14, 15, 18. Play of the Week winner on # 15 was Mike C -- closest to the pin with 2nd shot.

Match Play -- all Round 1 matches should be completed by this Tue June 30; write the winner of each match on the brackets on the bulletin board. Congratulations to the winners so far. Low gross score in the A flight was Bill Larson who shot a 38, and low net was Ramon Ramirez with a 31 (41 gross), and in the B flight was Kirk Bergsma and Charles Johnston who both shot 41's, low net was Don Hood with a 32 (47 gross).


Week 8, June 23, Back 9 -- Last week we had 6 birdies and 3 skins on # 5, 8, 9. Play of the Week winner on # 4 was Matt G -- closest to the pin with 2nd shot.


Week 7, June 16, Front 9 -- Last week we had 12 birdies (7 on #16) and 3 skins on # 10, 11, 13. Play of the Week winner on # 10 was John Whiters.

Match Play continues -- please post the winner on the bracket on the back bulletin board.


Week 6, June 9, Back 9 -- We had 8 birdies and 2 skins on # 1 and 7 last week. Play of the Week, closest to the pin with 2nd shot on #10.

Match Play bracket is posted online (see tab at left) and on the bulletin board by scorecard box, 17 members participating this year (cash awards). First round matches (18 holes) need to be completed by June 30 -- please schedule asap. A & B rosters with phone #'s and e-mails, along with the rules, are also posted in the Match Play tab. Anyone not able to complete their match by the due date will be subject to disqualification. 


Week 5 June 2, Front 9  -- RAINOUT.  Since all teams were not able to finish their matches due to unplayable conditions the league executive committee voted not to count any scores for Tue May 26 play. Rain checks can be picked up from Cindy at the front desk. All handicaps will remain the same for Tue June 2nd, and we will be playing for "double skins". This week's forecast calls for temps in the 70's and sunny -- we deserve it since May's weather has been very challenging to say the least. Just click Pairings tab at the left for Week 5 tee times.


Week 4 May 26, Back 9 -- Wow, now that was a very cool evening playing golf; hopefully you're all thawed out by now!! This week looks to be in the 70's which is more like it.

Play of the week -- closest to the pin # 14; last week's winner was Ian Hollands on #9. There were 6 birdies total and 3 skins out on #1, #4, #5. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend everyone and be safe; see you Tue. 


Week 3 May 19, Front 9 -- Weekly pairings pdf in "pairings" tab at left. Double skins this week due to rainout.

Play of the week -- closest to the pin # 9.


Week 2 May 12, Back 9 -- RAINOUT,  League play has been cancelled for tonight due to weather conditions -- temp, wind, rain -- brrrrrrrrrrrr, what happened to spring?

Last week's closest to the pin on # 2 winner was Charles Johnston. There were 7 birdies total and 4 skins out -- see bottom of this week's scorecard for the winners. If you still want to get in skins or match play it's not too late -- see me to pay the fee on Tue night; your birdies won't count towards skins until you pay up.

Week 1 May 5, Front 9 -- Welcome back everyone. Free pizza and $1 drafts after golf tonight, compliments of Elmbrook.

Be sure to check the Pairings tab at the left for your team number and handicap. For all the "old timers" I carried over your handicap from last Aug, and the new players will establish a handicap after tonight's play. Generally, your handicap will not change more than 1-2 pts week to week because the computer "throws out" your highest score(s) when calculating the new handicap. For example your handicap could be an 8 and you shoot a 54 one week -- that score will be "thrown out", and only your lowest scores are calculated in the formula.


League Policies and Procedures

Look under A / B Pairings link for your Team #, T-time, and opponent each week. Six points are awarded weekly, 2 points per player using handicaps (1 each for ties), and 2 points for winning team (1 each for ties). Top 2 teams from each flight and next 2 highest teams (from either flight) qualify for League Championship playoff at end of season.

Web site – can be accessed through elmbrookgolf.com (click rates then leagues) or directly at http://sites.google.com/site/tnmgleague/home Find postings on season schedule, weekly pairings, results, handicaps, match play brackets, sub list, and “items of interest”.

Pace of play – your 9-hole round should be completed within 2 hours, 15 minutes. Please repair all ball marks on the greens.

Age 70+ option – may choose to hit from forward tee box (white tees).

Sub list -- if you can't make it for your assigned t-time please call a sub (see Sub List tab at left) to take your place. The sub will play on your green fee but will have to pay the $10 cart fee. If you are just a "no show" you will forfeit your match and your partner will play both players on the other team against his score but will not be eligible for the two "team" points, so the most you could win is 4 for the match.

If you play golf on the same day of league play PRIOR TO your match, don’t play the same 9 as you are playing your league match that night. If you are playing 18 holes prior to your league match you should play the alternate 9 twice. You should never play any practice or warm-up holes on the same 9 as you are playing in league play, match play, or league championships. Offenders will be subject to match disqualification.

Place completed weekly score cards in the rack next to the bulletin board in the back of the clubhouse; 1 player from each team needs to attest and sign the card.

Handicaps – will be updated and posted (usually on web site by Saturday) weekly.

“Double Par” rule – MAXIMUM score on a par 3 = 6, par 4 = 8, par 5 = 10; once you reach the “double par” just pick up and move on.

Marking your ball on the green -- your mark should be placed "just behind" the ball as it lies, then replace your ball "just in front of" your mark when replacing it to putt. 

League rules allow you to "roll" the ball in YOUR OWN FAIRWAY only; play everything else "as it lies" – no“fluffing” the ball in the rough.

Sometimes we play when it is raining or has rained during the day; if the course is wet and muddy league rules permit "lift, clean, and place" in your OWN fairway. If matches are cancelled due to weather rain checks will be issued by Elmbrook.

Lost ball, out of bounds, or unplayable lie in tall grass – 5 minute time limit to look for ball; count 1 penalty stroke, drop the ball (no closer to the hole) 90 degrees and within two (2) club lengths OUT OF THE HAZARD, OR TALL GRASS, OR OUT OF BOUNDS LINE, from where you and your opponent agree the ball was lost. NO provisional balls should be played.

GPS devices and range finders will be allowed for league play.

Week 1 "play of the week" is closest to the pin on #2; the LAST GROUP in Flight B -- please pick up the proximity marker and turn in with your score card. Prizes awarded to weekly winners.

The "Play of the Week" -- weekly closest to the pin hole; skin results will be printed weekly at the bottom of the scorecards; skins are calculated and paid weekly.

Tuesday Night Men’s Golf League  --  Greetings everyone,

The 2015 golf season is on the horizon and brings with it an extra special time of “fun with friends”. The snow and freezing cold temps, and wind chills will soon be gone so we need to get ready for a new golf season. Here’s a summary of upcoming TNMGL events and details --------

 April 21           5:30-7 registration meeting for all players -- pay league, skins, match play, green fees

                        League Fees                            = $40

                        Skins (optional)                                   = $25

                        Match play (optional)                          = $25

                        Green fees payable to Elmbrook, 20 league nights @ $18      = $360

                        Plus Cart (optional) fee payable weekly to Elmbrook             = $  10

                        League night 9-hole replay cart fee $10

                        Range Balls Punch Card $30 – 10 buckets (medium size)

                        Pre-pay league fees full season – receive free 18-hole round w/cart

                        Pre-pay league fees half season – receive free 9-hole round w/cart

                        20% discount on all logo non-sale merchandise.

                        Season memberships, single $800 walking, $1,100 w/cart, includes all league play (no 1, 2, 5                                        day passes offered this year).

May 5              First night of league play (schedule and t-times will be e-mailed and posted on web site).

June 9              Match play begins, 18-hole matches, $30 green/cart fee per match -- T-times can be made              anytime M-F or after 2 pm Sat-Sun.

Sept 12-13       League Championship Playoffs, flight winners + next 2 highest place teams & ties.

Sept 15            Fun Night – scramble, bbq, awards, prizes. 

We always welcome new players/teams so if you have family members, friends, co-workers, or neighbors who would like to join our league bring them along to the registration night on  April 21  or have them send me an  e-mail.

Committee members – Pat Buron (League Manager), Dave Gauthier, Russ Gilbert, Kerry Glaesmer, Mike Horton, Will McCord

See you soon, Pat



MATCH PLAY RULES – 18 holes:   Cash winnings will be determined based on number of entries.

Matches will begin the first or second week of June. Please make tee times with the proshop M-F anytime, or Sunday after 2 pm; $30 green/cart fee for league members.

Handicaps for 9 holes should be doubled then take 80% of your handicap for the week you are playing your match as posted for that Tue night.

EXAMPLE 1 -- if player A is a 9 handicap for 9 holes it is doubled to 18, then take 80% of 18 which equals 14.4 rounded to 14. If player B is a 7 for 9 holes it is doubled to 14, then 80% of 14 is 11.2 rounded to 11. So player A will get 3 strokes on the 3 lowest handicap holes, which would be #3, #5, and #11.

EXAMPLE 2 -- if player A is a 12 handicap for 9 holes, 80% of 24 is 19.2 rounded to 19. If player B is a 4 for 9 holes then 80% of 8 is 6.4 rounded to 6. So player A will get 13 strokes on the 13 lowest handicap holes, which would be holes #1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18.

League rules will apply for all matches, EXCEPT “out of bounds” and lost ball rule – use USGA rule with loss of stroke AND distance and you must replay from where you hit your last shot; hit a provisional just in case so you don’t have to go back. If the match is tied after 18 holes, a hole-by-hole playoff will continue starting on hole #1 until someone wins.