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                          Year 8 Parents Evening

Thursday March 6th 4:00 - 6:30
At Croesyceiliog School we take great pride in our communication with parents.
All teachers and staff are keen to discuss your child's progress with you.
Your son/daughter will be bringing a letter home.  
Please check the bottom of his/her school bag!
Spring progress checks will also be with you shortly.

Talent Call
We are currently drafting the spring term newsletter.  
We would like to celebrate pupil achievement inside and outside school in our newsletter each term. 
If your son/daughter is one of our talented pupils outside school, then please let us know.

Welcome back to another year at Croesyceiliog School.
It has been a very positive and purposeful start to the new school year, with year 8 pupils settling in extremely well. 
On the 16th September it was a privilege to host our annual KS3 Awards Ceremony and to celebrate the successes of so many young people for a wide range of different skills and achievements.
I would like to congratulate all the young people who received an award, thank all the staff at Croesyceiliog School for their effort and achievement: for their hard work, and the inspiration they provide.
Thank you, too, to all the parents and carers who are the 'supporting cast' behind each of our pupils: doing the real graft day by day of encouraging / nagging / cooking the dinner / chauffeuring / chivvying / mopping the tears and all the million-and-one unseen acts of kindness which parents and carers do...well done to you all!
2013 was an exciting year.  Pupils grabbed every opportunity as they arose, to develop attributes which contribute to prepare them for the adult world.
We had loads of fun...with dragons, whilst raising money, chatting to schools in America, in sporting events and on bouncy castles!
We loved every minute and we are now looking forward to another brilliant year at Croesyceiliog!
(Mrs Newland-Jones)

Croesyceiliog Year 8 Pastoral Team are wholly committed
to providing each and every pupils with a personalised, inspiring and exciting educational experience. 
Pupils are encouraged to take pride in traditional values with regard to positive and responsible behaviour, taking pride in their appearance and being polite and courteous to others. 
Mrs Newland-Jones                  Senior Leader of KS3 
                             Head of Year 8

Mrs Price                                    Pastoral Support Officer
We currently have 274 pupils in year 8 with 9 form groups.  Every form group has a committed form tutor with their own form room and notice board.  The form tutors are: -
Mr Blair (8AB)
Ms Glorieux (8AG)
Mrs Jones (8CJ)
Miss Cummins (8GC)
Mrs Cutter (8JC)

Mr Pollentine (8MP)
Mr Ireland (8MI)

Mrs Higgins (7NH) 
Mrs Mahoney (8SM)