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  • Welcome to the class! A word of caution: Information on this site is not final until the class starts.   
  • This year focus: Staffless airports 


  • March 7 15-17: Intro lecture. Groups formed (link will be given). Start writing reports
    • March 22: study questions formulated, sources identified; send them to the lecturer
    • March 26: reports due (NB: study questions and sources may change on the way, but the changes should be approved by the lecturer)
  • March 28 13-17: reports feedback (in class)
    • April 4: feedback addressed and reports exchanged
  • May 9 13-17: abstracts feedback (due in class, no need to send earlier)
    • May 15: abstracts feedback addressed and opposition reports due (send to the lecturer, but not to the groups)
  • May 16 13-17 and May 23 13-17: presentations, questions on abstract


NB: some sources are very long; browse wisely and choose what to read thoughtfully.

Environment, Airports themes
Security, Crisis themes