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Today's Player of the week: Mesut Özil

    Is there any player in Spain's La Liga more deserving of a soccer nickname that lends itself to greatness? Mesut Özil of Real Madrid is a unique player whose game is similar to some of soccer's greats, but so original in its perfection that it is unlike any other we've seen in recent history.
    Watching Mesut on the field will be one of the true gifts of La Liga this season. Sunday's game against Barcelona featured an exquisitely clever and opportunistic Özil take the field with a style of play that warrants his own nickname. After discussing the game with my close friend, an avid soccer fanatic and German culture enthusiast like myself, we settled on the nickname "der Rabe" (or The Raven). As the game developed the parallels between Özil's style of play and this clever, humble bird were immense. Someday soon we may even look back at all of the shiny trophies Mesut "der Rabe" Özil has collected with Real Madrid and discover even more parallels with this intelligent bird.
    Some day soon Real Madrid fans may be chanting "der Rabe" or "El Cuervo" (the Spanish translation) within the Bernabéu as he continues to wow fans for years to come.

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