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Mobile Phone Accessories

Item ID: LighteningC1
2 x 1 meter Lightening Cable
Fit's iPhone

Item ID: CableS
5 Pack Cable Savers
fits most cables

 Item ID: SReCharge
Slim Portable Battery Pack
fits All Mobile Phones

Item ID: MicroUSB1
Micro Car Charger
fits Samsung, HTC, Ericsson


Item ID: PopBrac
Available in: Silver, Grey, Gold, Rose Gold, Red, Black
fits's all Mobile Phones

Item ID: LReCharge
Large Portable Battery Pack
fits All Tablets/iPads

Item ID: MicroUSBCL
1 x Micro Charging Lead
fits Samsung 2016, Sony


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Item ID: ChargePad
QI Wireless Charging Dock
For Apple iPhone 8 & Samsung S8
Available in Black & White