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Associate Professor of Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
University of Reading,
PO Box 220,
Reading RG6 6AX,

Tel: +44 (0) 118 378 6539
Email: T.Pryer (at) reading.ac.uk
Office: Room 306, Mathematics Building

My research interests include:
  • Computational methods for partial differential equations arising in fluids and plasmas. In particular, finite element methods, discontinuous Galerkin methods, finite volume methods, their error analysis and the design of adaptive strategies.
  • Modelling of geophysical flows in weather and climate.
  • Calculus of Variations, especially problems arising from minimisation in the supremum norm.

Currently held grants:

  • EPSRC 1st grant 'Adaptive Regularisation'. The goal is to develop a numerical framework to approximate solutions to degenerate and singular PDEs arising from various applications for which the direct design of convergent numerical schemes is problematic and a rigorous a priori error analysis may fail.
  • British council 'Climate change initiative for adaptation, Resilience and Mitigation (CCIARM)'. This is a trilateral workshop focussed on the development of early career researchers whose research has applications in the modelling of weather variability, climate change and oceanography. A link to this workshop is here.