ange Rover

Another hobbie is Land Rover Vehicles

Since I was a kid I´ve loved this car, so in May 2008, I´ve bought one. This is my Range Rover, aka RRAD. It´s a Turbo Diesel 1992 model. 

I've made a website dedicated to my RRAD, here it is:

Here some photos of my adventures:

 Here with my Brother:

 And with my Mother:

 This is to combine all of my hobbies:

 Here is a compilation of the best pictures:

Passeio TT - Festival Islâmico Mértola

Passeio TT do Camping Landmania CBT

Passeio S. Marta - Braga

Here is my RRAD in the Land Rover Owner International Magazine (Picture 4):

Here is again RRAD in Land Rover Owner International Magazine - Spring 2012