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High Quality
TMNT abridged series - Episode 1 (81.52 MB of file size, with more than 15 mins of video length)

Special Edition:
- TMNT abridged® - episode 1(first part).avi*
- TMNT abridged® - episode 1(second part).avi*

*Note: I've split and modified the first episode into two separate episodes, so those of you who watched the first episode in High quality, have already seen it.

*Information: The making of episodes is halted. More episodes will be created, when I get free time and inspiration.


 NAME AngelQueenofChaos
 COMMENT I still think it needs atleast more voices, it IS funny, just not as funny without atleast more people voicing in this as well. :/

 NAME Kayuishida
 EMAIL/URL http://aobaj.smackjeeves.com/
 COMMENT I just watched it, and I lol'ed quite a lot. ;D Awesome job!!! I really can't wait for more! If I figure out a way how I can help, I'll let you know! ;)

 NAME Silverdragon
 EMAIL/URL http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1688166/
 COMMENT I've actually opened the file twice now - one to watch it, and one to let my brother see it. Then I decided I would just be as well downloading and saving it! [image]

really funny, and one of my fav parts was with Don and the van
(several hours later) [image] ;D
I also liked your pick of certain sounds! [image]

 NAME Timewitch
 EMAIL/URL http://variabledigivic.proboards106.com/
 COMMENT I've just watched the episode! It was epic hilarious! ;) "If you're manic depressive, it doesn't matter which number you press. No one will answer" ;D

 NAME BlueNinja
 EMAIL/URL http://ninjahangout.proboards76.com/
 COMMENT The first episode was pretty funny. [image] Great job. And was that a bit of sponge bob music towards the end?

 NAME Robert
 EMAIL/URL turtlesinbox@gmail.com
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