November 2019

TriMt Ladies Golf Club Monthly Newsletter

Christmas Party Details:

Denise Harvey’s Home

Date: Tuesday, December 17th. 5:30 p.m. - ???

Where: 2375 S. 31st Court, Ridgefield, WA 98642

Cell # 360-903-9942

What to bring: Your choice of beverage and a potluck dish

There will be a gift exchange also (max $20).

Reminder: We will be selecting/voting in a new Board for 2020 at the Christmas Party.

MAP: (

Golf Event:

TriMt Ladies Golf Club Appreciation Day! Tri-Mountain would like to thank us for choosing them as your home course by offering us our own day. On November 23rd at 9am TriMt is offering $10 green fees to our group. Please email Jamie ( to sign up! See attached document.

Other Information:

Money on Account: Reminder…Any money in your TriMt Accounts need to be used before the end of December 2019 or you’ll lose it. Just ask the person in the Pro Shop to tell you what you have on account and then spend it.

Stop Posting Scores: Last day to post scores for rounds played in the Pacific Northwest is November 30th. If you are playing in an area that golfs year round then scores can and should be posted until midnight on December 31st at which time your GHIN will be deactivated. To be able to continue to post you will need to renew your Membership for 2020.

IMPORTANT NOTE for 2020: If you use GHIN and you share an email address with your spouse or anyone else, you must have & use your own individual email address. The new World Handicap System (see below) will not allow duplicate email addresses.

The New World Handicap System (WHS) coming in 2020

The World Handicap System, which debuts in 2020, will unify the six handicapping systems used around the world into a single system. The main thing to know is that your Handicap Index may change.

The new system will enable golfers of different ability to play and compete on a fair and equitable basis, in any format, on any course, anywhere around the world; be easy to understand and implement, without sacrificing accuracy; and meet the varied needs and expectations of golfers, clubs and authorities all around the world and be adaptable to suit all golfing cultures.

The WHS will encompass both the Rules of Handicapping and the Course Rating System (formerly the USGA Course Rating and Slope System). Click on the link below for short video clips detailing new features for the World Handicap Index.

More on the WHS in the spring as we all learn more about it.

2020 Membership Application. Attached is the 2020 Membership Application. Match Play option has been removed this year and will be addressed in the Spring.

Rule of the Month: Rule 7 - Ball Search: Finding and Identifying Ball

Purpose of Rule: Rule 7 allows you to take reasonable actions to fairly search for your ball in play after each stroke.

  • But you must be careful, as a penalty will apply if you act excessively and cause improvement to the conditions affecting your next stroke.
  • You get no penalty if your ball is accidentally moved in trying to find or identify it, but you must then replace the ball on its original spot.!ruletype=pe&section=rule&rulenum=7

Quote of the Week: I don't like to watch golf on television because I can't stand people who whisper.

David Brenner