For the Passion of Creating


A short history lesson first- It all started when I was a little girl making things with her carpenter daddy. In high school my passion for wood was truly found, by making a spinning wheel. From there it continued to grow as in nature- with times of lulls and great spurts. A couple of years ago I joined a woodworking forum Lumberjocks to get the help I needed to attain the level I was pursuing, from there I was able to do what I always wanted to do. Play with wood and make something decent from some old piece of scrap wood. If you click on the" working with wood" link it will take you to some of my wood projects or alternately press on the Lumberjocks link  and see all of them.


Again,  my love of photos started in high school. Back then there was no digital cameras and so we learnt to do the whole thing from start to finish. As time passed and film cameras became old hat. I was able to take photos without the hassle of getting them printed 6 months later. I was given a DSLR and luckily enough I was even able to sell a few of them. However as  the digital cameras were gaining in popularity so were the photos. So unfortunately I think my time as a professional photographer has come and gone.


Pastel painting all started when I was sick for a few months. I couldn't do much but could sit and draw, a little at a time. Eventually days later the painting was finished.

However it wasn't as simple as that. I had to teach myself to draw first. As I couldn't draw to save myself and really I still don’t think I can draw. What I can do is copy! So if I wanted to paint things that I could see, I first had to learn to draw. So after getting the first lessons and several practice drawings and paintings underway - (no classroom lessons), I was ready to start a proper painting. Considering, it turned out pretty well. And it wasn't like I started out on something simple either. So I was pretty happy with the outcome.

Sketching & Drawing
I had managed to paint several pictures in acrylic that were all set out for me with the picture already drawn and even told me what paint to use where. However if I wanted to paint my own picture, I first had to learn to draw. I really cant draw at all, not from memory anyway. I find that I can "copy" . If I can see something now I can usually sketch it to some resemblance.But I had to learn the basics first. So I went about reading as much as possible from what I could find. Mainly in good ' learning to draw books' and magazines as they could sit next to me while I practiced. I followed some of the tutorials and went through some of the lessons . Found out was I was and was not doing correctly and went from there. I had trouble with using a 'pencil'  so I tried charcoal, that was much easier to grasp at the time.

Before I started with Pastels I played around with predesigned paintings that had step by step instructions from books and magazines. I Never really did much in the way of my own pictures in acrylics however the paints didn’t go to waste as I did use them for painting other craft works.



 Passing time while watching TV. doing needle work . .......Very Relaxing