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 Welcome to the site specifically designed for the members of the Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School Choir.  On this site you will find recordings, important dates, and even homework assignments.  Thanks for visiting!

Director's Corner:

This website will serve as a focal point of communication throughout the school year.  If you have any questions about anything found on the website, please contact Ms. Banks at bankske@pcsb.org, or call at 727-552-1737x1009.  I have planning every other day, so please allow 48 hours for me to return a phone call.  Email contact is preferred. 



We FINALLY were able to secure a date (with buses) to Disney to participate in the "Disney Sings" workshop.  Special shout out to Mr. Taylor, the band director, who has much better luck with bus companies than I.  :)  We will be traveling to Disney on Tuesday, May 19.  We will leave no later than 7 AM and return around 8 PM. 

The cost of the trip is estimated at $80 per person.  Tomorrow (Tuesday, April 21), I will send home a parent letter and permission slip.  The parent letter is due back by the end of the week.  We will begin collecting permission forms and money (please turn those in at the same time) starting on Monday of next week.  Please remember that payment to the school can only be made in the form of cash or money order.  No checks can be accepted after Spring Break.

Of course, I will be in need of chaperones for the trip.  You MUST be Level 2 cleared (fingerprinted and issued a PCSB badge) to attend this field trip.  This is the one trip where chaperones (myself included) are asked to pay the same amount as the students (to keep costs lower for everyone).  The only exception is if a CHAPERONE (this does NOT apply to students) has an annual pass. If that is the case, please indicate that on the parent letter that will go home on Tuesday.  I need names of chaperones ASAP, so PLEASE email me if you are able to attend.  Thank you!

Upcoming Concerts:

May 12 - Spring Showcase at Lakewood HS.  This is the last performance of the year!!!