Welcome to the Thurgood Marshall Choir Site!

 Welcome to the site specifically designed for the members of the Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School Choir.  On this site you will find recordings, important dates, and even homework assignments.  Thanks for visiting!

Director's Corner:

This website will serve as a focal point of communication throughout the school year.  If you have any questions about anything found on the website, please contact Ms. Banks at bankske@pcsb.org, or call at 727-552-1737x1009.  I have planning every other day, so please allow 48 hours for me to return a phone call.  Email contact is preferred. 


EOC (End of Course exam):

This year, we will have an EOC in fine arts classes.  The vocabulary list for the EOC exam has been posted on both the Show Choir and Beginning Choir tabs.  The EOC will consist of two parts - a written portion which will consist mostly of vocabulary terms, and a performance portion.  Show Choir will be performing songs according to the MPA rubric.  Beginning Choir will have a sight reading passage.  EOC's will take place on Thursday and Friday of this week.  Good luck!

Upcoming Concerts:

Enjoy the summer!!