Dear Region 12 MS Directors,


Thanks to all those that have contacted me to ask questions or point out issues with some of the etudes on the audition list. Here are a few updates so far.

  1. Do not take any repeats (jump to all 2nd endings).
  2. In the French Horn Etude No.2 – End on the first note of m.16 (which is the last measure), do not take DC.
  3. On the French horn etude No.1, we are making an exception with this one due to the low range, so please have students take the 1stending on this one and stop at fermata.
  4. The bassoon and bass clarinet etude Etude No.2 are the same, so please keep tempo same for both at quarter note=85.

Please feel free to let me know sooner rather than later if you find any other things that are unclear. We will make these changes on the web-page as well for your convenience.

One last thing, please encourage all directors on your staff to let me know if they are not receiving emails from me, and also to sign up for the Remind text system. I’ve attached the instructions.

Thanks, and hope everyone is having a great week back and gearing up for your kiddos to have a great year as well


Region XII MS Band Directors,

Please sign up to receive texts for an additional way to get important region updates, deadlines or other pertinent information through the Remind system. Simply follow these instructions:

Text @regionxiim to the number 81010.

You will then receive a welcome text from Remind which means you are good to go!