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MS Agenda Spring 2017 from Kim Garza

posted Apr 30, 2017, 9:26 AM by Ed Gonzales   [ updated May 7, 2017, 9:42 AM ]

Spring Region Meeting MS Division Sunday, April 30, 2017


  1. 1)  Suggestions for UIL judges with all from active and provisional list All together

  2. 2)  Draw for performance slots all together for each contest Billy All together, then ATSSB can split

  3. 3)  Region band audition process updates

  • No need to move one school over to other site to balance #s. One school went to wrong audition zone, so if we correct that next year, only difference of 15.
  • Will send everyone copies of music in packets like we used to due to all the miscommunication about which edition of books
  • Alto saxes will be put in morning schedule next year
  • Need to raise audition fee per student. Not an option. Region out of money due to having to hire way more judges than we are used to due to losing so many schools in region. Current fee is $8.00. ATSSB has in their rules that both HS and MS directors have to judge each other’s contests or pay for a proxy.........what do we think of this
  • Committee to help revise audition material, low brass etudes? How are we on scales? Almost everyone complained about low brass etudes being too simple. Scales adding more octaves to fl, possibly one more brass scale to a 2 octave
            4) Dates for next year’s region band clinic and concert
  • Move auditions back to November 11? Lopez and Driscoll? Lopez is confirmed.
  • Veteran’s day I know but shouldn’t be an issue since most assemblies on Friday for band students.
  • December clinic/concert @ Johnson HS? Johnson is happy to host. Opposite weekend of orch clinic/concert.......1st or 2nd weekend of December?
  1. 5)  Region band clinician suggestions for next year’s bands – need to hire ASAP to get good ones!

  2. 6)  Honor Band deadline for submission Wednesday, May 31

  • Entry fee is $250 this time mail to Bernard check address on-line and instructions
  • Recordings will be uploaded on-line this year! Be sure to read on-line instructions carefully!
  • Region 12 Hearing June 7 @ AHHS
  • Area E Hearing June 22/23 @ Medina Valley HS (another $350 for that entry) 

    Ed Gonzales,
    Apr 30, 2017, 9:26 AM