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Welcome to Mrs. McMullen's 7th and 8th grade English classes 2016-2017 at Daniel Savage Middle School in Room 28! 
I have high expectations for every student! You have unlimited potential to achieve greatness and become successful!

Google Classroom Link: 

Student Expectations:

*Read a variety of texts/genres and respond to ideas critically and closely using iPads and textbook

*Bring charged iPads to and from school EVERY DAY; be expected to commit time to using StudySync app at home when needed!

*Write shorter and longer pieces for a variety of purposes and audiences 

 *Conduct, organize, and present research collaboratively

 *Come to class prepared to discuss and reflect on key ideas in a respectful manner

 *Use technology appropriately

 *Use notebook and other materials appropriately

 *Respect all students and cultures; be an advocate for anti-bullying