It's really beyond words. It's really "incalculcable."


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Here are just a few reviews of Tom and Chris's scripts: 







 That was ridiculously good. It required no stretching of the imagination to imagine the characters doing all those things.


 Just wow.... they should hire you, tmckenna09.


  Once again you showcase your awesome writing talents. Why couldn't you write the season finale? You are a better writer than Greg Daniels - that is a fact.


Once again, the all time masters of everything fan fic manage to top themselves with another top notch, flawless Office script. They continue to prove themselves as two of the most unique, and magnificent thinkers of our time.  Well done sirs, well done.

  As I've said before, your scripts are better than the show, itself.   Keep it up, everyone of your scripts is a perfect ten.

 Are you sure you aren't a screenwriter for this show? Awesome work. I will be waiting for your next one!


Honest to god the NBC the office is pretty funny, but I haven’t ever laughed that hard at any of the on-air shows. You guys are talented writers and very in tune with each characters persona which is why I found them so hilarious.


 Awesome, just *beep* awesome  


 Very, very funny script. NBC should contact you and pay you to have the actors use that script and then make you a writer for the show.


 And may I say, tmckenna, that your fan scripts are actually series-worthy.


I don't even want to call it fan fiction, because it's in a whole other league from that. It needs to be seen by someone at the show, you'd be a great addition to their staff. Or any other TV writing staff for that matter.


Wow. I'm really embarrassed to admit that your scripts are probably the best part of my week. It kills me that I can't see these played out on screen.


Reading your scripts can only be described as, "excited six year-old on christmas morning."


 Seriously, you guys have written better scripts than BJ Novak did this season! You guys should be writing for next season.


Absolutely fantastic! I second the opinion that your scripts are better than some of the episodes we've had this season.


You kick so much ass!


Yes! I love you guys scripts...I was telling my friend about one and he went "wait-which season was this in?" because he didn't realize I wasn't talkng about a real episode! :)





 Those were great! I'll definitely add you to my favorites and check back for updates. I could have used those during the long break! 

 I think you really got a handle on these characters.  You had me laughing out loud...keep 'em coming!

I don't get into fanfic much, but I read the first one and it was amazing!  You are very good at what you do.


  Wow! that was amazing, i can honestly imagine both of those actually being shows, incredible! you have serious talent.


I actually laughed out lout several times while reading, it was spot on to all of the characters. Perfect. I am actually a little torn up about not being able to see it as an episode. Nice job.


You did a really good job on the dialogue. I've read similar scripts that have good story lines but the dialogue isn't quite 'in character'. Your dialogue is outstanding.


 That was really funny! I wish I could write stuff like that.


Very realistic, and I love that! I love fanfic but it's hard to find one that are realistic and your script, IMHO, well I could totally picture it as an episode!


Do you have other scripts? I'd love to read 'em. Also, do you wright for the show, or are you a script writter, or something? 'cause that was GREAT!!!


I generally don't bother with fan fiction because it usually feels unrealistic...But your scripts seem like real episodes! I can picture them happening, and you capture the characteristics of the person and their speaking tone very well.


Very good! Keep 'em coming!


  Really well done! You absolutely nailed the "voice" of each character, not to mention their weird little idiosyncrasies.   Not one line rang false - that's just about impossible to achieve.

Color me impressed!


Your scripts are awesome! They really feel like they could be episodes, and they're a nice break from all the JAM-iness. Thanks for sharing them!


 This is funnier than ****


 This made me laugh so hard I almost feel out of my seat, I can sooo see that happenin'


i couldnt even get through those scripts i was crying so hard...absolutely amazing

The new one is really good!  I think all of your plots are very realistic!


Great job on the script.


I read all three of them!  They were amazing.  Good job.  Hopefully you'll put out more?


  I've only briefly ever checked out Office fanfic and didn't care for it... But with The Fridge, I felt like I was "watching" a real episode of The Office! That would make a great episode!! Everything felt very true to the characters, and the tone of voice and mannerisms seemed realistic too.


Another great script!


  These were great! And i love the legal yellow pad as the background! Very Office-y!  


 GREAT stuff!  Keep it coming!


Just read The Fridge. Totally impressed. It's really hard to maintain character voices consistently. Amazing job, you guys.  THANK YOU!

 Great work again!









Those scripts are amazing!


The authors have a great grip on the canon of the show!




McKenna and Insana’s fanscripts are awesome.


Everyone definately needs to check them out.  It helps keep you entertained until the DVD’s come out and the new season starts.


aww these scripts are so cute.


I must say I haven't enjoyed "reading" The Office episodes more than I've enjoyed your stuff. 


Keep 'em coming.  Seriously.  Quit your real jobs!  Write on! 


They are brilliant; and something to tide me through the long drought that will be summer. 


FOX has that new show "On The Lot" for aspiring film makers.  Well you would lead the pack if there were to be a similar show called "On The Set" for under-the-radar talent in TV script writing.  It's completely seamless and indistinguishable from the credited writers. 


YAY Tom and Chris!


 Question: tmckenna, will you be doing any more scripts?! These are hilarious and would make excellent episodes (especially The Exterminator)!!!


 i just got done reading all of the fanscripts. i could totally hear everyone’s voice in the words. well done!  now i need more to tide me over through the doldrums of summer…


tmckenna, your scripts are A-W-E (clap, clap) S-O-M-E!


The scripts are finally getting the attention they deserve. Great job guys! Thanks officetally.


I found a link to it on the Office Tally website and I swear I was in stitches reading it. I could see the scenes playing out in my head


You nailed the dialogue!  I could completely see the characters saying everything in the script. You are very talented and I'd love to read more! 

 I have heard a lot about them! :)





 I LOVE your site!!


  I really love your scripts.  I generally avoid all fan fic, but your and
Chris's scripts should be put in another category.


I can tell that you guys have a firm grasp of each of the characters,
creative (yet true-to-form) ideas for storylines, and 'get' Office humor.


Good work!


 There were a lot of laugh-out-loud moments as I read your scripts! 


Clearly, you guys have a terrific partnership and already have a good
thing going.


That site is awesome! 


There's been so much response to your scripts--you guys are definitely celebs in the online Office community.



Other Reviews:


Fan Scripts Written for NBC's "The Office" -- rather good, too! (


 I read one of them, "Theme Park" and it was pretty good!  (

I've read "Theme Park" and "Heat Wave" so far... "Heat Wave" could seriously be an episode. That was really great!   (

  That was cool, you got the voices down well, and it felt like a believable Office scenario. Plus, it was funny. (