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ur creative ideas:

8:00 am

Building Collaborative Vision

Welcome and Introductions - Liz Kerr

Analysis Google Spreadsheet - narrow down collaboratively to 5-6 - come back to this for Big Think

Changes Copy Spreadsheet

  • Have you thought about? David Loertscher - Climbing to Excellence

ur creative ideas and artifiacts:

9:00 am

Building Collaborative Knowledge

Presentation and study of papers broken into 5 standards:

●     Facilitating Collaborative Engagement to Cultivate and Empower a Community of Learners

- Moira Ekdahl, Sylvia Zubke and Aaron Mueller (Google Hangout)

9:30 in pairs study the standard and the indicators and record ideas, question, concerns on Google Spreadsheet

     followed by table talks - 3 writers present twice - Monica Berra, Marc Compton and Peggy Lunn

10:15 - 10:30 BREAK


●     Advancing the Learning Community to Achieve School Goals

Dianne Oberg

10 :45

●     Cultivating Effective Instructional Design to Co-plan, Teach and Assess Learning

Table Talk - 3 writers present twice - Judith Sykes, Jeanne Conte and Alanna King

11:30 - 1:00 Lunch break - Complementary lunch in exhibit hall and official launch of standards at 12:30 !!!!!

1:00 pm

●     Fostering Literacies to Empower Life-Long Learners

Anita Brooks Kirland


●     Designing Learning Environments to Support Participatory Learning


         Table Talks 3 writers present twice - Pippa Davies, Lois                     Nunn and David Loertscher


Culminating Event.

The Essential Question: Now that you have the standards, So What? What's Next?

Will you dance around the idea that the library learning commons is an interesting collaborative idea?

Or, will you push the LLC into the heart of the school?

Building Collaborative Commitment

Challenges based on scenarios - 6-8 groups

How could you help this school/ district deal with this problem using Leading Learning: Standards of Practice for School Library Learning Commons in Canada?

Problem Scenarios


BIG THINK - Back to first activity - Shifts we would like to see in education - How can the LC lead these desired shifts?

Connection to the BC Workshop site at:

6:00 Dinner at Milestones

Google Spreadsheet Form

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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