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Art Projects
Customers Generally have Good Original Ideas in mind and they need Creatives like myself to Develop Visuals to help bring their concept to life.


Hot Sauce Girl


My drawing for a Plant City, Florida Jelly Mfg.  

Ribfest in St Pete, Fl 2011 
I drew this and Kathy Fuzi Colored and then 
Printed it at her Screen Printing Facility.
Silas Beach was the Art Director for Jimmy Guanas.

This is old but still like it.....
They have lousy drinks and lazy waitresses... so naturally i go there when I am in Florida.

Stone Crab time again.I didn't invent the
turtle but I did redraw it. The crabs and the rest are all mine. Did this for Silas Beach Co.

This is Mr Moose.... It's a project for the Laconia Bike Rally in New Hampshire.

This is an early Sketch Sample for the customer.... Derwent Pencils on Bristol Paper. I like the feel of the Derwents on paper.

Well, this is how he went out the door... Mean looking for a moose.
Thanksgiving Turkey Run for Elle Media


KlodKnocker Dragon for Loose Wheels, Texas

Just a Crab... Did this for a Veteran in the T-Shirts Business Allyn Pettit.

Loose Wheels Texas Design with
Barbed Wire Texas

This will be a Shirt in a couple of weeks

Idea from Summer 2016

Event Design
Here are a few examples: 

This one was used for ads and as a t-shirt design for Crystal River Harley Davidson and also as the cover for that month's Born To Ride Magazine.

I did this with Kathy at her screenprinting shop...

Made it onto the Cover of 'Born To Ride' Magazine

Christmassy Stuff

  Crystal River Harley Davidson Toy Run
 I'm a BIG KoolKat Saloon Fan!
I combine sketching, ink drawing and computer design into my art. I was making art for people as far back as grade school and it became my career.
I have a scratchy kind of style that most art teachers normally try to torture out of their students
but I had some good ones who left me alone for the most part. I don't have a clipart type style.
In 10th Grade I went to Boces in Bellmore, N.Y for commercial art and camera....
at the time that was the best atmosphere for me
to learn Art Construction...

I also went to the Rocky Mountain School of Art in Denver back when it was a really cool old school. Back then it was run by the owner Phil Steele who at one time had been one of the artists behind
 "Prince Valiant Comics".  
I don't think I could have been exposed to a better art environment.

I have worked in Manhattan for a large screen printing shop that really did a lot of knockoff work..
The owner would come in and pass out greeting cards from different companies and tell everybody to use their images to make up kid designs... so as I saw it there was nowhere to go with them. It was
upsetting to steal art. But that was the scene in NYC.
I had so many of my own ideas. So went my
dream of working in the city.

But moving on, I had a lot of luck as far as it goes getting work in Florida simply because there are so many businesses opening there who need the services of an artist. I still do most of my work for customers in Florida. Luckily they mostly seem to be interested in originality.
I still work for a lot of people in Florida but I've moved to Texas.
I am working on a NEW KoolKat Saloon
Design.... I'll update things as they progress.

I think KoolKat may need an Intervention....

 This is how KoolKat Saloon ended up...

The printer, John Grindinger, did a great job
 with this on a manual press.

 George The Egret From Clearwater Beach

How it turned out in color....

This was a fun job- I volunteered to help sell these shirts. Never saw shirts sell that fast! Holly Put on a Great Event!!!

To the Right you can see some of the other things I have been doing-

I have Friends who are in the Oil field who have taken some very cool photos.. I have been isolating some Photos and putting images into sequence, then framing the resulting paper output. It makes for some really dramatic Framed Art Pieces. Those pictured are 4 feet x 10 inches.

Coming up- I am planning to put together some Fires of Kuwait Photos taken at the source in the same manner.

Sketch Art
    I like to sketch out ideas as I think of them. So my sketch books are full of all kinds of weird stuff. They don't all go much further than the idea stage because they are fresh thoughts. A lot of times I am satisfied with them they way they are as sketches.

This is Carpenter's Bluff Bridge in Denison, TX
Some other sketches:
Runaway Pets. Dogs and cats always
run away on me. Must be hungry..


Turtle Egg

I get lots of pig requests... more than you'd believe. 

Bar Animals

I like Popeye..... he's diggin' retirement.
I did this recently for a friend of mine Steve Rinsel from Apache Junction ......We both like
Hot Rod Art. So I did this for him
in Greasy Culture style.

This is for a Racing Outfit in Florida. That wolf's head is definitely styled after art by Tex Avery. But he doesn't mind.. I'm sure.
Sometimes all you need is Black and White. You should see how pretty this came out on T-Shirts. Wow. My Art Printed by Fuzi Graphics.

Dream Catcher.

My friend Zappo BFMC had it painted on his Harley.

More Animals in the Bar..

Cats Vs Rats on the Pool Table

Cats Vs Dogs

Band Concept

New Band In Central Florida..