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[this is a short chapter I co wrote with Marc Guyot in the wonderfull book Guide des Plamiers de Guyane, which I highly recommend for any palm aficionado! you can get this book here.]

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General publications / communications/ public outreach

The Guardian covers our research on the new genus Sirdavidia.; with the press release by PhytoKeys here.

Invited to a radio show on "Forests in French DOM-TOMS and man". In French. Aired 11/10/2011: Radio Ô

An article came out in Le Monde (French journal) about our palm diversification research. In French. (19 August 2011)

, T.L.P.: From jungle to jungle: a trip along the Madidi River. The Herbarium Sheet, NYBG, December 2009

Couvreur, T.L.P.: Into the wild: visiting a remote Ecuadorian jungle. The Herbarium Sheet NYBG, September 2009