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Scratchpad: Palms of Africa

Here is a link to the Palms of Africa scrtachpad. Data on all palms found in Africa is provided. There is also data on their uses and distribution.

Djatrees: Trees of the Dja Faunal Reserve

At the bottom of this page you will find the djatrees dataset (raw data). This dataset has been published here and must be cited when used.The dataset has been used the following publications:

Hardy OJ, Sonké B (2004) Spatial pattern analysis of tree species distribution in a tropical rain forest of Cameroon: assessing the role of limited dispersal and niche differentiation. Forest Ecology and Management 197, 191-202.

Manel, S., Couvreur, T.L.P., Munoz, F., Couteron, P., Hardy, O.J. & Sonké, B. (2014) Characterizing the Phylogenetic Tree Community Structure of a Protected Tropical Rain Forest Area in Cameroon. PLoS ONE, 9, e98920.

Sonké B (2004) Forêts de la Réserve du Dja (Cameroun): Etudes floristiques et structurales. 32. Scripta botanica Belgica, Meise, 144 pp.

Sratchpad: World Annonaceae

Here is a link to the World Annonaceae scratchpad:


You can also find relevant information about what a scrtachpad is hereScratchpad is a great online systematic tool that enables you without much internet expertise to set up a webpage dedicate to the taxonomy of a certain groups of organisms. Check it out.


Palmweb is an online genera palmarum. You will find lots of data on palm genera and species, inlcuding distribution data, original descriptions, photos etc. 

PhytoKeys and Biodiversity Data Journal

I am assistant editor for PhytoKeys, a new fully online and integrated botany journal. This journal will lead the way in online science publishing. Check it out and don't hesitate to send in manuscripts.

I am also a senior editor of plants for Biodiversity Data Journal. You can read more on this here.

Tanzania field trip 2006

I also have a whole part of the site dedicated to my field trip to Tanzania in 2006. It is a day by day diary on the expeditions I made.

Wageningen flora course

In 2006 I was an assistant in the flora course the Wageningen herbarium organises each year, so I provide some photos about those nice three weeks learning about the dutch flora, in dutch!

Old website

One link will bring you to an old website I made some years ago (back in 2002 I think). This was my first experience with webpage building. I mainly talk about my passions at the time: Basketball, Hip Hop and Reggae music. The website is in french though.

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