Taylor Lampton Miller

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor in Linguistics at SUNY Oswego! I graduated with my PhD in Linguistics from the University of Delaware in May 2018.

My research program is dual-focused in linguistic theory and endangered language documentation. My main theoretical interests include examining the nature of the phonology-syntax interface and asking how phonological domains are mapped from morpho-syntactic structure. I am currently developing a new model of interface mapping called Tri-P Mapping.

I specialize in analysis of the structures of "polysynthetic languages," particularly Kiowa and Saulteaux Ojibwe. In addition to my fieldwork in those communities, I co-lead the Kiowa Dictionary Project, a major multi-site community-university partnership, with Dr. Amber A. Neely (Kansas State University). The Kiowa Dictionary is now live, and we expect the pilot dictionary to be fully navigable soon!


  • I will be giving a talk entitled "In Search of True Word-Level Recursion" at the ICU-Keio Linguistics Colloquium on June 24!
  • I will be speaking at Yale University's Friday Lunch Talks this fall! Original date rescheduled due to COVID. New date TBD.

Contact Information

email: taylor.miller@oswego.edu

office: Wilbur 212