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06. Compound Angles & Equivalent Forms

From the DfE Mathematics AS and A-Level Content (LINK):

Compound Angle Formulae

E6-01 Compound Angles: Proving the Compound Angle Formulae

E6-02 Compound Angles: Exact Values of sin(105°), cos(150°) & tan(15°)

E6-03 Compound Angles: Using the Formulae Backwards

Double Angle Formulae

E6-04 Compound Angles: Introducing the Double Angle Formulae

E6-05 Compound Angles: Using Double Angle Formulae to Integrate

E6-06 Compound Angles: Using Double Angle Formulae to Solve Equations

E6-07 Compound Angles: More Equations using Double Angle Formulae

E6-08 Compound Angles: EXTENSION Triple Angle Formulae

Equivalent Forms

E6-09 Equivalent Forms: Writing acosθ + bsinθ in the form rcos(θ±α) or rsin(θ±α)

E6-10 Equivalent Forms: Writing 4cosθ + 3sinθ in the form rsin(θ+ɑ)

E6-11 Equivalent Forms: Writing 3cosθ - 8sinθ in the form rcos(θ+ɑ)

E6-12 Equivalent Forms: Solve 10sinθ - 6cosθ = 5

E6-13 Equivalent Forms: Maximums and Minimums