01. Box Plots, Cumulative Frequency and Histograms

From the DfE Mathematics AS and A-Level Content (LINK):

Introducing Data Presentation

L1-01 [Data: An Introduction to Data Presentation]

Box Plots / Box and Whisker Diagrams

L1-02 [Data: Box Plots / Box and Whisker Diagrams]

L1-03 [Data: Comparing Box Plots]

Cumulative Frequency Curves

L1-04 [Data: Cumulative Frequency Curves]

L1-05 [Data: Median and Quartiles from Cumulative Frequency]


L1-06 [Data: Histograms]

L1-07 [Data: Median and Quartiles from Histograms]

L1-08 [Data: Histogram Problem]