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02. Magnitude and Direction of a Vector

From the DfE Mathematics AS and A-Level Content (LINK):

The Magnitude & Direction of a 2D Vector

J2-01 [Vectors: The Magnitude / Length of a 2D Vector]

J2-02 [Vectors: The Direction of a Vector]

J2-03 [Vectors: From Component Form to Magnitude - Direction Form]

J2-04 [Vectors: Examples of Component to Magnitude - Direction Form]

J2-05 [Vectors: From Magnitude - Direction Form to Component Form]

J2-06 [Vectors: Examples of Magnitude - Direction to Component Form]

Finding the Angle between Two Vectors

J2-07 [Vectors: Finding the Angle between Two Vectors]

J2-08 [Vectors: Examples of Angles between Vectors]

The Magnitude of a 3D Vector

J2-09 Vectors: Finding the Magnitude / Length of a 3D vector