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Midwest Google Summit 2012

Getting Going with Google Chrome

Session Description:

Google Chrome is so much more than just a browser!  Apps and Extensions available in the Chrome Web Store make Chrome a valuable teaching and learning tool.  Join me for this fast-paced, hand-on session where we will go through the basics of using Chrome and will discuss tips and tricks on classroom use.  You will come away with great ideas to get started with Chrome right away!

Tammy Lind
Technology Coach
South Milwaukee School District
Twitter| @TamL17
Skype| TammyLind
Google+| Tammy Lind

Chrome Fun!

  • Overview of Chrome
  • App/Extension Share....click here
  • Chrome Settings and Tips
    • Incognito
    • Manage Multiple Accounts
    • Extensions
    • Bookmarks Bar
    • Home Page
  • Extensions
    • Goo.gl Shortener
    • TabCloud 
    • Google Read&Write
    • iSpeech
    • Evernote Clearly
    • Aviary
    • Google Calendar
    • Turn Out The Lights
    • Chrome to Phone
    • Sexy Undo Close
  • Apps
    • Lucid Chard
    • Typing Club
    • Speech Recognizer
    • Biodigital Human
    • Solar System
    • Vyew
    • Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms
  • Mobile Devices


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