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Yummy To My Tummy
By Michael Levine and Eric Litwin


Yummy to my tummy 
Apples are so good 
Yummy to my tummy
It’s my favorite food. 

Yummy to my tummy 
Carrots are so good 
Yummy to my tummy 
It’s my favorite food.

Coloring Page and Sheet Music:


Sing About Foods: Sing the song without the CD, and have your child repeat after you. Take suggestions for new foods for each verse. You can especially do this while cooking or during dinner.

Clapping & Rhythm Exercise: Try clapping to the rhythm. This song is in an alternate time signature of 7/8. It can be easiest to understand by breaking the 7 beats into 12 12 123. Pat your laps on beats 1 & 3 (or the first 2 “ones”), and clap on beat 5 (or the third “one”). Have your child repeat after you, and take suggestions for new foods for each verse.

Color in the Picture: Color the picture of “Yummy To My Tummy” in the TLG Yummy Yellow coloring book.

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