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Wiggledy Woo
Lyrics by Eric Litwin And Michael Levine;
Music by Eric Frampton, Eric Litwin, and Michael Levine


First you wiggle your toes 
That's the way it goes 
Then you wiggle your knees 
Like a bumblebee
And then you wiggle your hip 
Do the dip-dee- dip 
And then you wiggle your hands 
Like a rockin’ band

'Cause it's the wiggledy woo 
That's what we do 
It's the wiggledy woo 
We're gonna wiggle with you

Oh yeah you wiggle your arms 
Like a lucky charm 
And then you wiggle your head 
That's what I said
Oh yeah you wiggle your nose 
Like a rolling stone 
And you wiggle your hair 
You toss it everywhere 


Some people never wiggle 
Doesn't that make you sad?

Oh yeah you wiggle your feet 
To the groovy beat 
And then you wiggle your chin 
With a big old grin
And then you wiggle your legs 
Like scrambled eggs 
And then you wiggle them all 
Like a waterfall


Coloring Sheet:


Direction Dance:  Play the CD and move your body as each line of the song instructs! For the “Wiggledy woo” choruses, you can wiggle your body. For the bridge, you can hold your palms up as if questioning for “Some people never wiggle,” and then pretend to cry by frowning and rubbing your eyes for “Doesn't that make you sad?”

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