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Wade In The Water
Traditional, adapted by Michael Levine & Eric Litwin 


Wade in the water 
Wade in the water, children 
Wade in the water 
We’re gonna wade in the water.

Who’s that yonder dressed in red? 
(We’re gonna wade in the water.) 
Sarah is a child that’s dressed in red. 
(We’re gonna wade in the water.) 


Who’s that yonder dressed in green? 
(We’re gonna wade in the water.) 
Jacob is a child that’s dressed in green. 
(We’re gonna wade in the water.)


Coloring Page and Sheet Music:


Stick Song:  Click your sticks (or clap your hands) and sing about different people’s clothing colors.  For each chorus, you can continue to sing “Wade in the water,” but it’s more fun to change it up to other activities, for example:

______ in the water:

Swim – pretend to swim with your sticks
Roll – roll your sticks on the ground
Walk – walk your sticks on the ground
Jump – make your sticks jump up and down on the ground

You can take suggestions before each verse (“What color are you wearing?” or “What color is Mommy wearing?”).

Stretchy Band: If you have a group of people and a stretchy band, sing the chorus together and lean back on the word “Wade.”  Then for the verses, you can ask “Who’s that yonder HOLDING purple?”  If there is more than one child holding a color on the stretchy band, you can either nod to the one you’re choosing, OR you can answer “Sara, Jane and Bobby are holding purple.” Use this opportunity to teach about colors.  Before you begin the song, go around the stretchy band and ask each child what color they are holding.

Scarf Canopy: If you have a group of people and a scarf canopy, have the adults hold the scarf canopy up in a circle, with the kids underneath.  Then sing the chorus only (no verses) and take suggestions for wade, swim, splash, jump, dance, twirl, etc. in the water.

Bath-time Fun: Play the song on the CD or sing it a cappella while your child is in the bathtub.  Sing each verse with activities your child can do in the water, such as wade, swim, splash, kick, play, etc.

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