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The Number Dance
By Eric Litwin


1 2 – shake your shoe 
3 4 – touch the floor 
5 6 – do the twist 
7 8 silly shake 
9 10 – do the chicken 

Side to side 
Up and down 
Zig zag 
Round and round 

0 1 – touch the sun 
2 3 – shake your knee 
4 5 – hand jive 
6 7 – jump to heaven 
8 9 – slippery slide 

Side to side 
Up and down 
Zig zag 
Round and round

Coloring Page and Sheet Music:


Dance & Sing: (rhythm & motor development – all ages) Play the CD while singing, & act out the move of each line. You can either sing the response with your child, or for older kids try singing the lead lyrics yourself while your child sings the responses.

Make Up Rhymes: (language development & creativity – ages 2-5) Sing the song without the CD, and encourage your child to make up alternate rhymes for each set of numbers.

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