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Skip To My Lou
Traditional, adapted by Eric Litwin


Hey hey skip to my lou (3x) 
Skip to my lou, my darling.

Flies in the buttermilk (Shoo fly, shoo!) (3x) 
Skip to my lou, my darling.

Lost my partner (What do I do?) (3x) 
Skip to my lou, my darling.

I’ll find another one (Pretty as you) (3x) 
Skip to my lou, my darling.

Coloring Page and Sheet Music:
(Click on image below to open, or right-click to download)


Dance to the Song: Try square dancing or any kind of dancing while singing along with the CD. 

Sing About Animals: Sing, “Skip to the zoo” instead of “Slip to my lou” & think of different animals. For instance: 

Hey hey skip to the zoo (3x) 
Skip to my lou, my cow. 

Then say, “moo!” together.

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