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Dreaming Child
By Michael Levine, adapted by Michael Levine & Eric Litwin 

Just a simple lullaby, time has come to close your eyes. 
Tucked into your beddy-bye, snuggle in to say good night. 
Stars are dancing in the sky like a skater floating on the ice. 

Oh, how I love my beautiful child 
Snuggling tight, close your eyes. 
Making me proud, oh how I love 
My dreaming child. 

Coloring Sheet:

Teacher Track 

Lie down while singing the song and pretend to fall asleep, snoring loudly until a child wakes you up. I often say, “who can wake me up?” if no child is coming. I also turn off the lights for lullabies, as long as there is light through a window or somewhere to prevent it being too dark. For this song, I recommend playing the teacher track and singing along. Good to have your remote control in hand so you can stop the song when it’s done while pretending to sleep.

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