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Golden Slumbers


Golden slumbers kiss your eyes. 
Smiles await you when you rise. 
Sleep pretty baby, do not cry, 
And I will sing a lullaby.

Coloring Page and Sheet Music:
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Bedtime Lullaby: (bonding, rhythm & pitch development – all ages) Sing the song (a cappella or with the CD) to your child at bedtime. 

Sing To Your Child: (bonding, rhythm & pitch development -- babies) Sing happily to your child while making eye contact. Tap the beat on your child’s body. For pre-verbal babies, having them listen to you sing while physically interacting helps develop brain connections. The more you smile, touch & interact with your child, the more they will learn. 

Sing Without Words: (audiation development – toddlers & ages 3-5) Sing the song with your child without the words, using "la," "ba" or animal sounds. By leaving out the words, this helps your child focus on pitch & rhythm. You can also try having your child echo each line as a call & response. This makes singing easier for children. 

Sing to a Doll: (imagination, social skills, rhythm & pitch development – all ages) You & your child can sing the song to a doll, pretending the doll is your child’s baby. Rock the doll back & forth in yours or your child’s arms.

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