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Are You Sleeping?
Traditional, adapted by Eric Litwin 


English/ French: 

Are You Sleeping, 

Frere Jacques 

Brother John? 

Dormez vous 

Morning bells are ringing. 

Sonnez les matines.

Ding ding dong.

Ding ding dong.

English/ Spanish: 

Are You Sleeping, 

Sor Maria 

Sister Sue? 

Duermes ya? 

Morning bells are ringing. 

Suenas las companas. 

Ding ding dong.

Dilin dilin dilan.

English/ Italian: 

Are You Sleeping, 


Puppy dog? 

Dormi gia? 

Morning bells are ringing. 

Suonano campane 

Ding ding dong. 

Bim bam bam.

Coloring Page and Sheet Music:
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Call & Response: Sing the song with your child and have them echo you. 

Sing the Lullaby at Bedtime: Tuck your little one in and sing them this beautiful lullaby. 

Practice Languages (for older children): Sing the song with your child and have them echo your line with the line in another language.

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