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"If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will,

and it shall be done unto you." (St. John 15:7)


  • November 22, 2018 - Thanksgiving Ministry and/or Message (To Be Confirmed)
  • December 25, 2018 - Christmas Ministry and/or Message (To Be Confirmed)
  • January 27, 2019 - Annual Ministry Installation Service @Full Gospel Baptist Church, Cooksville, Maryland.

Sermon Topic: "Mission: Impossible - Follow Jesus in Your Calling"

Scripture: Philippians 4:1-6 and Matthew 28:18-20

Rev. Theresa was honored to deliver the keynote message for their "140th Anniversary of the Elizah Smallwood Missionary Ministry." The church's missionary department members were all dressed in white, so Rev. Theresa had Storee and I dressed white suits also. Nevertheless, Rev. Theresa shared from Philippians 4: 1-6, a message titled "Mission: Impossible - Follow Jesus in Your Calling". In this "word", Rev. Theresa inspired the mission department to begin passing the mantle through discipleship of next generations. Last, in this message, through contextual biblical recounts of Peter's Walking on the Water experience, the Lame man "taking up his bed and walk" experience, and even Jesus' resurrection from the dead experience, Rev. Theresa highlighted how God often calls us believers to seemingly "...impossible missions". Listen to this message and be blessed!

Church Renewal Pt2 - Renewed MMW 09302018.mp4

9/30/2018 - Missionary Department Sunday Greater First Baptist Church, DC

Sermon Topic: Church Renewal Part II: "Renewed Mission, Ministry, and Worship"

Scripture: St. Matthew 9:14-18

In this message Rev. D. edified the church on how Jesus leads us into conceptualizing and implementing the "mission of God". in such a way that "if we listen to the young leaders concerns, reflecting on new ways of ministering to others, and making space for others to bow down and prophetically worship God, The Lord will raise the youth, families, and new communities of worshipers. Experience this message and be blessed!

9/16/2018 - Annual Men's Day Service, Freedom Baptist Missionary Church, Baltimore, MD

Sermon Topic: "Jesus is Lord: The Divine Promotion" Pt.1 Scripture: Philippians 2: 5-11

This is Part 1 of "Jesus Is Lord: The Divine Promotion". Just as we receive promotions in the secular world in the forms of financial raises, higher positions, or location transfers... The Lord provides Divine promotions to those whose lives, words, and fruitfulness Attest, Confess, and Profess Jesus as Lord, to the glory of God. Rev. Troy L. M. Denson offers suggestions to men on how our lives can glorify Christ, and thereby receive The Lord's Divine promotion in The Kingdom of God. Experience this message and be blessed of The Lord!

And in this continuation of "Jesus Is Lord: The Divine Promotion", Rev. D provided hermeneutics of the scripture, and emphasizes how the Apostle Paul was able to minister through his jail experiences, and despite his limitations of being in an "hired house". Rev. D helps the men at Freedom Baptist Church to know that their struggles are evidences of the salvation, sanctification, call, and works of Christ, and that their sacrifices are not motivated by themselves, but by Christ within them. Experience this message and be blessed!

1/2018 - Annual Officers Installation Service - Full Gospel Baptist Church, Cooksville, MD

Sermon Topic: God Uses the Old and the New

Scripture: St. Matthew 13:15-52

In this message Rev. D edified the members that God uses both old (traditional) and new principals in the advancement of God's Kingdom on earth. This Word sought to inspire young and as well as seasoned members about their usefulness working together in The Lord's Church and in their communities. Experience this message and be blessed!

2017 - Fathers Day - Morning Star Baptist Church of Christ, Baltimore, MD

Sermon Topic: When Things Get Out of Control

Scripture: St. Luke 7:19-23

Using Isaac's (Abraham's son) turbulent experience of his father's five (5) water-wells being intentionally covered by the Philistines in order to cause his family and livestock to suffer, Rev. D offered a few bible-based principles for the fathers, in Morning Star Baptist Church of Christ, to utilize when things get out of control in their own personal lives. He closed this message highlighting what Jesus did when things appeared out of control that ended him up crucified, dead, and in the grave.

(Hint: Jesus healed himself and rose!)

2017 - Central Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD

2017 - Installations of Officers, Full Gospel Baptist Church, Cooksville, MD


Sermon Topic: "Jesus: The Middleman"

Scripture: St. Luke 7:19-23

Rev. D. preached an inspired message about how Jesus exists in the middle dimension, between our earthly realm and heaven; and how Jesus can answer seemingly unanswerable questions which we face in our lives.

6/2016, Coordinator of 2nd Location, Union Bethel AME North, Oxon Hill, MD

Sermon Topic: After: What To Do After Change Occurs

Scripture I Kings 19:11-19

As Rev. D. served as "Coordinator" of Union Bethel AME Church's second location, in Temple Hills, MD, 6/2016. He shared messages to prepare this second location for the changes which would occur as a result of their Sr. Pastor being elected "Bishop". The underlying thought of this message is "What to Do After Change Occurs".

8/2015 - Reid Temple AME Church, Glendale, MD

Sermon Topic: Defying All Odds

Scripture: Matthew 14:22-33

This is a textual message prayerfully exhorts the listeners to not get caught up in natural, social, and even church adversities. Rev. D.'s core hope in this message was to inspire the believers and faithful followers of Christ to view "adversities as opportunities" which will allow them to "defy all odds" against them in order to realize unimaginable victories in their lives.

8/31/2015 - Devotional Moment at a Christian Academy

Lesson Topic: Come Drink from the Fountain

Scripture: I John 5:7-12

As an "Administrator Intern", Rev. D share this 13 minute morning devotion and topical Bible Lesson that highlighted ways which God used water to carry-out Divine acts in the lives of believers. Rev. D. surveys familiar Biblical themes pertaining to water in order to convey the importance of acts of the Holy Spirit in chastisement, cleansing, liberating, affirmation, and refreshing the lives of believers and followers of Christ today. This assemblage is attended by K-12 teachers and administrators during their customary Monday morning devotion.

8/2/2015 - Pleasant Grove MBC, Baltimore, MD

Sermon: "Alive In Christ"

Scripture: Ephesians 2:1-9

This message is pastoral textual sermon in which the congregants are enlightened in what it is meant to be "alive in Christ" or "spiritually alive". As an introduction within this message, Rev. D. emphasized the importance of being "alive in Christ". Using a contemporary example of an episodic television series "The Walking Dead", he compared the differences between being "spiritually dead" vs. "spiritually alive". Lastly, in a pastoral approach, Rev. D. surveyed the book of Ephesians highlighting today's 21st century controversial issues pertaining to the Christian lifestyles of husbands and wives, issues in LGBT-alternative lifestyles, and emphasized how God uses "togetherness as a family" in order to fight against the wiles of the devil.

2012 - New Zion UMC,

Student Pastor/ Baptist Local Pastor

Sermon: "A Time To Sew"

Scriptures: Isaiah 55: 10-14; Matthew 13:23

This is a pastoral type message in which prior to the sermon scriptures, Rev. D encouraged the church through the nation's post near-depression challenges. In the sermon, Rev. D inspired the congregation that God sends and/or allows dilemmas to come partly to change our hearts. And although we believers experience challenges, we are not consumed as we walk by faith and trust God in his Word. Therefore, in the midst of our own struggle and despite our lack of substance to share, we yet can "sew" (give) from the abundance of God's Word within us which will help others immeasurably.

2012 - New Zion UMC,

Student Pastor/ Baptist Local Pastor

Sermon: "Preach Preacha!"

Scriptures: Ezekiel 37:4; Acts 2:14

This message is a pastoral message offered to encourage us ordinary believers through life's challenges. Specifically, this message was presented to show the congregation 2 things:

1. God can use our lives' and our sufferings to preach a message to others.

2. God can use the way that we rise from challenges to illustrate the "good news" (gospel) of Jesus to others, about how God restores believers.

2011 - New Zion UMC,

Student Pastor/ Baptist Local Pastor

Sermon "God Uses Both The Old & New in the Kingdom"

Scripture: Matthew 13:52

As the new pastor of this church (in 2011), Rev. D. emphasized the importance of both the "seasoned saints" as well as the "younger members" of the church. The focus of this sermon centered around the effectiveness of seasoned saints working well with younger members when all say "No to the kingdoms of this world, but Yes to the Kingdom of Heaven".