REv. Troy L. M. Denson, Sr.

"If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will,

and it shall be done unto you." (St. John 15:7)

Happy New Year! It is a blessing to be able to be in the land of the living... alive in Christ! As we embark on this new year, Noticeable by all who all whom are passionate about the plight of the Black Church, cannot help but to think of the resemblance of the struggles of this Church and those of the Babylonian exiled Israelites, especially when the prophet Isaiah declared it as the "Acceptable Year" of The Lord. (Isaiah 61:2). However, just as the exiled Israelites appeared ignore this rite ascribed by God, as the year of human liberation and freedom and nicities to eachother, the Black Church, especially those in urban vicinities, are experiencing gentrification and challenges. Nevertheless, during times as these, Jesus declared The Acceptable Year of The Lord.

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This past Sunday, October 22, 2018, we worshiped God at home, at The Greater First Baptist Church of DC. By invitation of the church's missionary department, Rev. Theresa was honored to deliver the keynote message for their "140th Anniversary of the Elizah Smallwood Missionary Ministry." The church's missionary department members were all dressed in white, so Rev. Theresa had Storee and I dressed in white suits also. Nevertheless, Rev. Theresa shared from Philippians 4: 1-6, a message titled "Mission: Impossible - Walk Worthy of Your Calling for Which You have been Called". In this "word", Rev. Theresa inspired the mission department to begin passing the mantle through discipleship of next generations. Interestingly, one month ago, by invitation of Rev. Williams, Storee (our youngest son), at 9 years of age - became the youngest member of this 140 years ministry. Most importantly, through recounts of Jesus' summon of Peter to walk on the water experience, Daniel and the 3 Hebrew young people's fiery furnace experience, and even Jesus' crucifixion experience, Rev. Theresa highlighted how God often calls us believers to seemingly "...impossible missions".

Can you remember a time in which God called you to a seemingly impossible mission, but somehow you were victorious?

1. What was the dilemma?

2. What was your greatest fear in that dilemma?

3. How were you victorious in that dilemma?

4. Now that you look back and reflect on that dilemma, what do you feel was God's mission through you?

My prayer this word will bless you as well!