REv. Troy L. M. Denson, Sr.

"If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will,

and it shall be done unto you." (St. John 15:7)

This is a critical time to be a Christ-follower. The poor are overlooked in cities' decision-making; women's voices against indecencies are being trumped by men in power; immigrants' children are being parted from their families and inhumanely caged by U.S. governmental agencies; and in DC, restaurant workers' right to livable wages are being denied. The late Rev./Dr. Martin Luther King once said that injustice for one person stands for injustice for all. Personally, after working publicly in The Lord's ministry for the past 12 years, as the saints of old would say, "I don't feel no ways tired; I've come to far from where I started from...". Therefore, in addition to preaching and teaching throughout the DMV and abroad, we have upgraded our connections in which I share a short 3-minute devotion early in the morning at least 3 times per week on Facebook, Twitter, and this website, all to keep good people encouraged. Thus, your "Likes", "Memes", and even "Comments" all have encouraged me in this work. Shortly, I will be posting short (1-minute) sermon video excerpts on FB and Twitter (like the one on this page) designed to keep you spiritually uplifted in Christ. Friends please remember, "In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you" (I Thess. 5:18).


October 23, 2018

Word of the Day: "Build Up Eachother"

Scripture: Romans 15:2 NIV

In our prayer-scripture the Apostle Paul exhorts the Isarelites-Christians to "... build eachother up." Similar to The Lord speaking through Apostle Paul, there is a tale of two men who shared a hospital room ended up becoming friends. One was allowed to sit up for an hour every day. His bed was beside the only window. The other man spent his life flat on his back. Each day the man at the window would describe the activity and color of the outside world: the park overlooking the lake, ducks swimming, children playing, couples walking hand-in-hand, the skyline in the distance. His friend, who could see none of this, smiled and imagined it all in his mind’s eye. One day the man by the window died and his roommate moved into his place. He propped himself up to look outside and was amazed to see a drab cinder-block wall! Confused, he asked the nurse how come his friend had described the scenery in such glowing terms. She replied, “Actually, he was blind and he couldn’t even see the wall. He just wanted to encourage you.” Paul said, “Each of us should please his neighbor…to build him up.” There’s great satisfaction in encouraging people, especially when your own situation is less than ideal. One author writes: “When you tell someone they’re beautiful, you change how they see themselves. A girl in love thinks she’s the most beautiful girl in the world because her young man said so. When a teacher tells a student he’s smart, he works harder and achieves more. When a parent tells a child she’s loved, she has confidence to reach for the stars. On the other hand, a doctor who point-blank tells a patient that he’s ‘terminal’ can speed up the death process.” Words are powerful; use yours to build people up.

~Rev-Troy Denson

"Word of the Day" are devotionals that The Lord has given me and I have been inspired to share since 2015. If you click the link above this writing, or the bible beneath this message, you will be taken to a long list of my archived devotionals that you may read & reflect on, copy, or print for your own personal inspiration, as well as use for sermon ideas for sharing. And remember, it is all for the glory of The Lord!

God Bless!

Rev. Troy L. M. Denson

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This past Sunday, October 22, 2018, we worshiped God at home, at The Greater First Baptist Church of DC. By invitation of the church's missionary department, Rev. Theresa was honored to deliver the keynote message for their "140th Anniversary of the Elizah Smallwood Missionary Ministry." The church's missionary department members were all dressed in white, so Rev. Theresa had Storee and I dressed in white suits also. Nevertheless, Rev. Theresa shared from Philippians 4: 1-6, a message titled "Mission: Impossible - Walk Worthy of Your Calling for Which You have been Called". In this "word", Rev. Theresa inspired the mission department to begin passing the mantle through discipleship of next generations. Interestingly, one month ago, by invitation of Rev. Williams, Storee (our youngest son), at 9 years of age - became the youngest member of this 140 years ministry. Most importantly, through recounts of Jesus' summon of Peter to walk on the water experience, Daniel and the 3 Hebrew young people's fiery furnace experience, and even Jesus' crucifixion experience, Rev. Theresa highlighted how God often calls us believers to seemingly "...impossible missions".

Can you remember a time in which God called you to a seemingly impossible mission, but somehow you were victorious?

1. What was the dilemma?

2. What was your greatest fear in that dilemma?

3. How were you victorious in that dilemma?

4. Now that you look back and reflect on that dilemma, what do you feel was God's mission through you?

My prayer this word will bless you as well!