Welcome to the Torchlight Custom Classes wiki

One of the most satisfying forms of modding Runicgames' Torchlight is making custom classes.

But it's a form of modding that covers a LOT of ground.  So rather than a simple tutorial, it really deserves a whole wiki on the topic.

The wiki format also makes it easier to get help from multiple contributing authors, since it is such a big area to cover.

Site Structure

The site page menu in the left-hand panel is ordered the same way as the directory structure of a typical custom class mod.  So just browse these pages to learn how the contents of these directories are affected when you make a custom class.

To keep the quality of the info on this site as high as possible, it's not a fully open wiki.  Anyone can read through it, but you'll need to join the site to be able to edit anything.

Unfortunately, this setting also stops non-member visitors from commenting too.  So until we find a solution for that...

If you want to ask questions or make comments

please put them on these threads in RGF and in forums.runic.

Want To Contribute?

We're happy to get help from whoever can contribute on this topic!  Please PM Phanjam via either  RGF or forums.runigames, and ask him to add you as a contributor to this site.