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Google allots 100MB's of FREE server space to every Google account! 

You don't need to be a web developer to use the Internet productively. 

With Google POWER TOOLS you can manage your classroom documents, department information, committee work and pretty much anything else you can think of - online!

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Start with a  GMAIL account!

This website provides several tutorial movies to help you learn how quickly you can add Google Tools to your account and apply them to you work you want/need to accomplish!

 ü     FREE, SINGLE SIGN-ON, STATE OF THE ART COLLABORATIVE TOOLS! One login, one password, one base GMAIL account is your key to multiple tools you tailor to your projects, classes, workplaces or anything else! 

ü     CONTROL WHO HAS ACCESS TO YOUR STUFF! – Your Google tools can be public or private. You choose the tools and the participants. 

ü     NEVER LOSE ANYTHING AGAIN –  All Google tools allow you to use the 'rocket fast' Google search to find your stuff!

ü     SICK OF ADVERTISING AND SPAM? – Google provides the best spam filtering on the market, and does not use animated or image-based advertising.

ü     NEVER RUN OUT OF SPACE – Google provides virtually unlimited storage for your GMail and shared word and spreadsheet documents.

ü     STAY CONNECTED – Tailor your "iGoogle" homepage with news feeds, third party widgets, and all manner of web 'toys' to enhance productivity!

ü     NEW TOOLS INVENTED EVERY DAY! – Google continues to set the bar higher, giving everyone free online applications that are still being invented!

ü     GOOGLE ‘POWER TOOLS’ –  Turn high-tech to MyTech!


How? Start with a  GMAIL account!