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Student Communication: ENGAGING THE KIDS TO WRITE

The journey begins with allowing students to move their desks out of the neat straight rows...let them talk, share, influence the learning process.   

A good starting tool is a Blog site such as ;;

Here is a sample of how you could get your students to think about a topic and share their understand before you teach... Pictures Can Be Worth a 1000 words


 Having student collaborate on an idea is powerful, but with today's schedules getting them together can be a chore.  Using a graphic organizer that is sharable is a great starting point for ideas ( To get started visit Then having them post on a discussion board for peer comment continues the process of collective knowledge.

You can always get buy-in when you expand the audience for Student Work.  Check out and student work from Dave Kootman's Classroom

Another great way to encourage the writing, sharing and peer editing process is to use a Google Tool such as Google Doc.  This allows students to work and construct new learning together.  I prefer to use but just because of personal preference. Here is a sample:




Using graphic tools is yet another way of sharing knowledge and understanding.  Using or Photoshop Expression student can embark on the path to "Digital Storytelling".  Visit this link for your step-by-step guide: Digital Storytelling 101. 

Storyboarding to create new learning can be a fun adventure.  Using, students can create a comic strip to express and teach other students.  Imagine using this tool and a set of review questions for a test. Students working in groups could create and then share ~ the ideas are endless.

Don't forget about still images, joined with audio and then converted to a movie format...Check out this activity ~ "The Best Part of Me, Digital Ppoetry" ..with & Audacity student work takes on a whole new style.

 Student Engagement

Comic Creator:

Flash Jeopardy Tools & Templates: Site 1

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Graphic Editing/ Gallary Tools: Photo Express (sample)

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