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need help on Ubuntu? visit this link

when complete this page will offer many reviews, and information on many different Linux distros. i will also offer step by step instillation for the more harder versions.

Microsoft is claiming that there is Windows code in Linux, well we think by May 1st, 2007 Steven Ballmer and Microsoft should show us that code or we all will take his claims as libelous. 

Have you wanted to try Linux but dont want to remove your current operating system? maybe people have told you to try a Live CD but they are quite slow unless you have alot of RAM. well how about installing Linux as an application on Windows that you can run and try out? check it out here is the link. 

ubuntu install

I cant wait untill this April for the release of Ubuntu Studio, check it out


Mandriva Linux Limited Edition 2005

Mandriva Linux 2006

Mandriva Linux 2007

Red Hat Linux

Slackware Linux

PC Linux OS

Ubuntu Linux 5.10/6.10

Kubuntu Linux 5.10/6.10

Edubuntu Linux 5.10/6.10

Arch Linux

Ark Linux

And many many more.

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