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What am i?

I love to dream. In fact I love to sleep much of the time when I need freshness of mind. This may have encouraged me to dream.

Life at Impact

I joined Impact as a trainee. I was studying my MCA course and I joined them initially for completing my project work.

Life at Impact was short. It ended in just 9 months. But the short span was not meaningless. It is just because of the time I spend there I am able to sustain.

I have visited around three to four customer places from Impact. It was a good experience to be there.

It would be unfair if I did not mention names of Dileep, Jiju and Ajish, Ashik from whom I have learned a lot.

Life at 3i Infotech

I joined 3i-Infotech when it was ICICI Infotech with the experience that I have earned from Impact. I learned exponentially at 3i Infotech than at Impact. While at Impact my learning was limited to technical stuff, at 3i Infotech I also learned to deal with people.

I had learned new things from almost all of my colleagues. Worth mentioning are Ramanathan and Balaji. Without them I would have never in this shape.

For the first time I have earned a lot of friends. I have been left all alone before. But from 3i-Infotech, I have never left without a company.

Life at iFlex

Well, iFlex was one of the dream companies ever since I have joined Impact. It is not yet time to comment on my life at iFlex as it is only a short duration. But one point worth mentioning is that I have undertaken my first International on-site travel from here. I had quit them but still I am managing my dream. This is my dream company


Frankly speaking, I do not know much of this company while joining. Here at Sungard I am part of SYMBOLS banking product.

Me as a Blogger !

I am not a professional blogger. Even I am not a frequent blogger. But the blogging fever has also hit me. Find some of my new blogs:

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Try out these blogs and post your comments to me. I am always open to your comments and suggestions.

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