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This is a random assortment of things I have/am working on.

Genre Match v0.1 

High Pass GIMP Filter 

Mahalo Point of Sale System 

C Code Tidbits 

Duplicate Music Matcher


MergeFS (FUSE) 

Filming Location Information using Google Maps

  • Since SF is a bit over the top for some of the small scripts I intend to make available, I have created this web space.  The first Python script to make it up is Genre Match.  This application will first build a database of your existing mp3 library matching artist and genre information from the id3 tag.  Next you can run it on new music that may or may not have it's id3 genre tag set.  It will now search your existing library for matches and allow you to set the new music to the same genre tag as your old music.  
  •  I have also linked two other projects I have created.  Genre-sort is a utility to move audio files into a directory structure based on the genre tag.  Duplicate Music Matcher is another utility to find duplicates in audio files based on similarities in filenames.  An experimental version includes Musicbrainz support.  A console and GTK based front-end is available.