Welcome on my site!

My name is Tomasz Kokoszka. Most of the time I'm a software engineer, sometimes a traveler, a dancer or a biker.

On this site you will find:
  • Pictures
    Collection of my best pictures from different places, events and trips - one might call it a (very small) photo blog. Do not worry - I prefer quality over quantity - you will not be overwhelmed by hundreds of pictures :-)
  • Quotes
    Selected quotes and deep thoughts of smart people. I love those short sentences that sometimes tell more than long useless talks.
  • Quotes in Polish (Sławne cytaty)
    The same as above but in Polish for a change.
  • Quotes from books in Polish (Najciekawsze cytaty z wybranych książek)
    Most interesting quotes and fragments from selected books.
  • My programs
    Short programs I had pleasure to create - mostly during my university time. All with source code, distributed on Apache License 2.0
  • Notes
    Notes from events and training, code snippets, in particular:
  • Links
    Links to on-line dictionaries, programming language references guides etc


  • Tomasz Kokoszka - tkokoszka at Google mail.

  • My professional profile at LinkedIn: