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Gallery 1 - Necklaces

Gallery 2 - Christmas Necklaces 

Gallery 3 - Hemp Necklaces

Gallery 4 - Kid's Jewelry

 Gallery 5 - Bracelets

Gallery 6 - Earrings

Gallery 7 - Jewelry Sets

Gallery 8 - Badgeholders

Gallery 9 - Christmas Craft

Gallery 10 - Sold Items



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The galleries are finally up to date.  Enjoy browsing and please send me an email if you have any question!


Ok, I lied.  I said I would update my website by the end of October and now it's November already!  I have been slacking off and also have to prepare for my first craft faire at work-  I'm stressed out about that.  Don't know why but I'm so nervous.  Maybe it is because I don't know whether people are going to criticize or like my jewelry, whether it's too expensive or too cheap...

Anyway, I have a lot of new necklaces, badgeholders, and earrings.  Please be patient.  I will update my Galleries as soon as the craft faire is over.   


I have been very busy with work and travel.  I have traveled to 7 States as I recall this year!  I haven't been updated my galleries lately but when I get a chance, I will update it (probably at the end of October) so stay tune!  Have a beautiful day/night!