Savage Hunter Labs
Chocolate, Silver, Black, Charcoal, and Yellow Labs. 

Savage Hunter Labs will have a limited number of litters as we are going through a major change.  Within the next 2 years we will be back up and running full strength by 2015.  In late December of 2012 and early January of 2013 we lost 3 of our dogs to a large predator in the area. Thank you to all who have supported us in this tragedy.

Terry & Kristie Gavette
Monroe, South Dakota
Terry Cell 605-450-1535
Kristie Cell 605-321-0875

As a pet, or working in the field, you'll find a lab to be your new best friend.

Sires: (Soon to be updated!)

Gauge Savage Hunter

Dams: (Soon to be updated!)

Daytona Savage Hunter


As an avid hunter of pheasant and duck in rural South Dakota, I wanted an all purpose dog that was at home in the water as well as on land.  I also wanted a breed that was just as much at home playing with my children, or sleeping at my feet.  If you found this site, then you know that the perfect, most well rounded dog arround, is the Labrador Retriever.

While hunting in Mitchell, I stumbled upon the most beautiful color of Lab I had ever seen; Silver.  As a pet you have one of the most unique colors out there.  In the field, silver absolutely disappears into the Autumn color of field grains, grassland, or reeds. 

People have always bred dogs for the traits they wanted and I believe color is no different.  Silver is a diluted chocolate lab and is registered as chocolate.  Silvers range in color from light grey to tan.  Charcoal is a diluted black lab and is registered as black.  Charcoals vary in color from smokey grey to a highlighted black. 

 Sadie (right), and Indy (left) are charcoal females.

Sadie is from our first litter.