Wabash College

Crawfordsville, Indiana

Code Of Honor And Conduct For TKE Alumni And Guests

In recognition of the fundamental precepts of our fraternity, in furtherance of the fraternal ideals of “Charity, Esteem and Love” and the requirements of the Wabash College “Gentlemen’s Rule,” Alpha Alpha Chapter, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity (“Alpha Alpha Chapter” or the “Chapter”) and its alumni adopt the following “Code of Honor and Conduct For TKE Alumni and Guests."


Alpha Alpha Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was issued its charter on the Wabash campus in the Spring of 1927. The chapter was the successor to the “Karnak Club” which had been at the campus since 1921. Primarily due to the Great Depression, Alpha Alpha Chapter ceased operations following the 1936-1937 school year. In the spring of 1962 the chapter was re-chartered by TKE International Fraternity when more than 30 Wabash men joined the ranks as TKE initiates.

When the chapter was resurrected in 1962, it was a leader and innovator on campus. It had a vision to create a different fraternity, one based not on wealth, rank, or honor, but on the ideals of personal worth and character. The brothers banned hazing, blackballing, and most importantly, discrimination based on race or religion—a first on the campus. The chapter ranked at the top of scholarship among the fraternities. For many years TKE was the only fraternity at Wabash with a multi-racial and multi-religious (Christian and non-Christian) membership. TKE still stands as a pillar and leader on campus for its diversity.

General Behavior

1. All Are Welcome. All Alumni of Alpha Alpha Chapter are welcome and are encouraged to visit the fraternity.

2. Helpfulness. It is a matter of honor and respect that alumni be eager and willing to help current students with academics, vocational interests, and mentoring.

3. Expectations. Each alumnus is to conduct himself within the Gentleman's Rule and within the ideals of the fraternity as stated above. Every alumnus is a guest, and he must comport himself accordingly.

4. Responsibility For Guest. It is a matter of honor and respect that all alumni assume responsibility for the conduct of their guests and of themselves. Therefore, if a guest causes any damage, the host alumnus shall be held responsible for the damage of his guest just as if the host alumnus had caused or committed the damage himself.

Prohibited Acts and Conduct

Alumni and their guests shall not engage in the following conduct, which is illustrative of some conduct violating this Honor Code, but it does not necessarily list all of the conduct that would violate it.


            Haze, demean, assault or threaten physical harm to a member of the Chapter, or any guest or visitor to the Chapter.


            Misuse, damage, destroy, or steal property owned by or under the control of the Chapter, or of any student of the Chapter. In all such events, the alumnus shall be financially liable for the full replacement cost and/or cost of repair for the results of such prohibited conduct.


            Possess, use, sale, give, loan, and/or distribute directly or indirectly any illegal drug, narcotic, or other controlled substance within the premises of the Chapter House; or at any function, activity, event or gathering sponsored by the Chapter; or to any student of Wabash College.


            Possess, provide, use, or otherwise have any handgun, rifle, or other weapon within the Chapter House or on the grounds of the Chapter House.

Administration and Enforcement

Any alumnus may face disciplinary action for his conduct or that of his guests for violation of this Honor Code. The action may be taken (1) by the undergraduate chapter at a chapter meeting, (2) by the Board of Advisors (acting through its chairman, the alumni chapter advisor, and the president of the Alpha Alpha Alumni Association), or (3) by both. The possible sanctions are not necessarily limited by this Honor Code, but they include a demand for repayment of all damage, a request for suitable apologies, and an order prohibiting the alumnus from returning to the Chapter House. The provisions of this Honor Code are in addition to any and all rights that the undergraduate chapter or the Board of Advisors may have at law or equity.

No vote of the undergraduate chapter or the board of advisors is needed to put a stop ongoing conduct violating this Honor Code. The prytanis, epiprytanis, and the pylortes individually has the power and authority to order any misbehaving alumnus or his guest to cease such conduct, order them to leave the premises, or to call the police for assistance. If those three officers are not available, then any other officer has such power and authority. Each alumnus will respect and obey any such directive by an officer of the undergraduate chapter.


This Code Of Honor And Conduct For TKE Alumni And Guests may be amended in a two-step fashion. A majority of the undergraduate chapter at a meeting with the normal quorum must approve the amendment, and the amendment must be approved by the chairman of the Board of Advisors, the Alumni Chapter Advisor, and by the President of the Alpha Alpha Alumni Association. An amendment can also occur by the reverse process.


This Code Of Honor And Conduct For TKE Alumni And Guests was unanimously approved by the undergraduate chapter by a majority vote at a regular chapter meeting on April 10, 2005 and approved unanimously by a vote of a meeting of TKE alumni at Alumni Day on April 16, 2005.

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Aaron Cook '06


Date: _____________________ __________________________

F. Bradford Johnson '71

Chairman of the Board of Advisors.

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Jon R. Pactor '71

Alumni Chapter Advisor

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Eugene L. King, Jr. '78

President, Alpha Alpha Alumni Association