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All footage contained in this compilation video was filmed in Seoul, Korea in the early 1960s.  It is low resolution, black-and-white, and contains no audio.  In the video you will see demonstrations by several different Moo Duk Kwan masters.  Grandmaster Ye Mo Ahn recalled being filmed but this particular video does not contain any footage of him.  The video is 38 minutes long.  Click here to view the videoClick here for a minute:second index of the video.  Use the index to see what the video contains and where each different segment begins. 

Click here to watch Master Chun Ahn demonstrate a self-held, open-handed break of four boards.  Breaking any object that you hold yourself is extremely difficult and requires incredible focus, speed, and precision.  Very few people can break four, self-held boards.


Grandmaster Ahn

1970. Grandmaster Ahn breaking three concrete slabs, with NO spacers, at the 1st Kim Soo Open National Tae Kwon Do - Karate Tournament in Houston, Texas.  Breaking multiple objects with spacers is not much more difficult than breaking a single object.  Breaking multiple objects without spacers is dramatically more difficult than breaking a single object.

1966. Grandmaster Ahn at his school in Seoul, Korea.  If you follow the left bottom corner of the Korean flag downward, Grandmaster Ahn is wearing a white shirt and is seated next to a gentleman wearing a suit with no tie.

1964. Grandmaster Ahn at his school in Seoul, Korea.  Grandmaster is seated in the middle of the front row and is not wearing a suit.

1965. Class of South Korean military police instructed by Grandmaster Ahn. Grandmaster Ahn is far left on the back row wearing a coat.

1965. US Army Sergeant Johnson played an instrumental role in Grandmaster Ahn's relocation to the United States.  Sergeant Johnson, while stationed in Seoul, Korea made the rounds in search of a martial arts school.  Due to his large stature and aggressive nature he couldn't find a challenging school; he simply dominated any sparring match (even with senior instructors).  When Sergeant Johnson walked into Grandmaster Ahn's school he realized that he had found his school.  During his first sparing match with Grandmaster Ahn, Grandmaster Ahn matched Sergeant Johnson's power and aggression and unavoidably broke Sergeant Johnson's foot.  Sergeant Johnson was ecstatic to find someone who could so easily handle him and at that point decided to train exclusively under Grandmaster Ahn.  

1968.  US military base class in Seoul, Korea.  Grandmaster is in the front row and seated second from the right.  Sergeant Johnson is also in the front row along with his wife.

1971. First Ahn's Tae Kwon Do location in Dallas, TX.

1976. Dallas, TX.

1976.  Dallas, TX.

1975. Dallas, TX.

Ahn's TKD Students Breaking

Ahn's TKD Students Sparring