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Why would you want to begin training at Ahn's Tae Kwon Do (Ahn's TKD), or any other martial arts school for that matter?  Perhaps you want to improve your aerobic conditioning or you want to learn how to defend yourself/friends/family should the need arise.  Maybe you've always been drawn to martial arts and you just don't quite know why.  You are reading this page right now for a reason, even if you can't articulate that reason.  You can continue to be someone who "would have" or "should have" or "could have."  Or you can wake up and realize that its time to do this thing.  Make it easy on yourself... list out all of the pros and all of the cons for starting martial arts training.  If, after careful thought, the pros side of your list outweighs the cons side, then just do it!  Get off of your rear and just do it!  

The general public is welcome at any Ahn's TKD studio location.  No appointment is required.  All studios have comfortable observation rooms with plenty of available seating.  There is usually a small group of people, mostly parents, observing a class in session.  You are more than welcome to observe and you will not be bothered.  The instructor will be busy teaching class so you will need to wait until class is over if you would like to speak with an instructor.  Ahn's TKD class schedule.

If you are interested but just not 100% sure that you are ready to commit, then take advantage Ahn's TKD introductory program offer.  For $30 you will receive two, twenty minute semi-private lessons.  This introductory program allows you to learn a few basic techniques as well as gain a general feel for martial arts instruction at Ahn's TKD.  Contact an instructor today to set up your two introductory lessons.