"The Ennis House"

"The Ennis House" is the latest Tom Koester 3D Video -  a documentary about  the famous Frank Lloyd Wright house in the Holywood Hills.

 The house has been closed to the public for many years.  This 25 minute video offers a grand tour of the of the house, emphasizing the style and Frank Lloyd Wright's use of space.

 The film also deals with the original construction, modifications, the ravages of deterioration over time and the 1994 Northridge earthquake, reconstruction and subsequent rehabilitation. 

The film took over 2 years to complete and was an overwhelming success when previewed at the Frank Lloyd Wright Conservancy Conference in Chicago, to a standing room only audience in side by side 3-D and 2-D projection, due to a shortage of polarizes glasses. 



The 3D images on this page are in anaglyph format, but they are the same images as appear in the film in a different format.    

  Frank Lloyd Wright has been quoted as saying, "The only way to photograph architecture is in 3 dimensions ..."  This film offers a good case in point.

"The Ennis House" will be available November 2009 on future proof DVDs containing both 2-D and 3-D (field sequential interlace) versions.