Who are all those other Tom Koesters?

In browsing the WEB, it seems there are a lot of Tom Koesters about.  Just who are they?

The Tom Koester who did Special Visual Effects on "Star Trek - The Motion Picture", "Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind", and "One From The Heart".   That's me.

The Tom Koester of Tom Koester Photography - specializing in striking male nudes and seemingly Gay subject matter.    That's not me.

The Tom Koester who was Sound Mixer for commercials, movies, and TV shows, Including "Sledge Hammer!" and "The Return of the Incredible Hulk"  That's me.

The Dr. Tom Koester who is a noted Veterinarian, Graduate of the Univ of Minnesota.          Not me.

The documentary cameraman Tom Koester whose credits include: COPS, Code 3, Anatomy of Crime, and LAPD-Life On The Beat.   That's me.

The Tom Koester who worked in hand drawn-on-film animation a la Norman McLaren in the 70's.      That's me.

The Tom Koester, Assistant Coach, USA Hocky Director, etc.      That's not me.

The Tom Koester who is Director and D.P. of Jazz and Blues DVD's for Delmark Records in Chicago.     That's me.

The Tom Koester, who along with his brother, Cameraman John Koester, worked on numerous low budget films - sometimes achieving cult status.      That's me.

 And, finally, the Tom Koester who promotes Nudity in the park.      Alas, not me.