Just released (finally) the 25 min documentary on Frank Lloyd Wright's 1924 masterpiece: The Ennis House.  It is being released on a Special Edition DVD that presents the film in BOTH 2-D and 3-D on the same disc. 
Also, on You Tube, two videos on seeing 3-D on home TV sets are now playing on YouTube.  

"How To See 3D on Old Fashioned TVs" details how to use old tube type analog TV sets to play interlace 3D DVDs using shutter glasses.  

.This video was produced in 2009, before the advent of the NEW 3-D TVs with the built in decoders.  This video demonstrates how to see 3-D the 2007-2009 Samsung and Mitsubish "3-D Ready" TVs, which needed to be fed a "checkerboard" 3-D signal.  The NEW (2010) sets from most manufacturers play 3-D straight from a 3-D Blu-Ray player.

 To find a list of older "3D Ready" TVs, click here.

 In line with this, new future proof 3-D DVDs will be issued of several of my films in multi formats (both 2D and 3D versions on the same disc) beginning late December 2010 .  The first will be the Award Winning "The Ennis House" in December.  This will be followed by the Award Winning "Towers of Simon Rodia" with added extras in January 2011.  These future proof DVDs will contain a standard 2-D version of the film, plus 2 3-D versions: one an interlace version for playing on old anaglyph TV sets with shutter glasses and old style "3-D Ready" TVs playing from a computer with shutter glasses; and a new 3-D side-by-side version that will play in 3D on the NEW 3-D TV sets.  To see in 3-D on these sets, you need to play on a Blu-Ray player with HDMI output to the 3-D television set - where it will play the same as 3-D cable broadcasts of 3-D.


Tom Koester Background Information


With years of Stereo still photography behind him, this Hollywood craftsman,  independent film maker, and life-long lover of 3-D jumped into the world of 3-D digital video in 2004.  He's made many 3-D video shorts and a feature length 3-D Verite style Documentary.  Tom built two 3-D camera rigs using small format Canon and Panasonic DV cameras, and two others using Hi Def JVC cameras.  One of his 3-D shorts, "Plane Fancy" was honored at the 4th Ever International 3-D Movie/Video Competition in Los Angeles in 2005.   His recent productions: "Slow Glass",  "The Towers of Simon Rodia", and "The Ennis House" were shot and completed in Hi Def 3-D Video.  His latest 3-D camera is a mirror rig, capabable of variable interaxials (down to zero) and variable convergence, using gen locked JVC HD250 cameras.  It's been used to shoot a 3-D USC Thesis Film, as well as "Whatever Happened to RoMan" by Ray Zone and Tom Koester,  "Stereo Trek" by Oliver Dean, and "Nature's Secret Mysteries" by Tom Koester.

Nov 11-14, "Nature's Secret Mysteries" was featured at the 2010 Mockfest Film Festival in Los Angeles.   

On April 2-4, 2009, The International Conference on Simon Rodia and the Watts Towers  was held in Genoa, Italy.  Hosted  by the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Genoa, department of Anthropological Science, it included a 3-D screening of the Award Winning film, "The Towers of SImon Rodia".

The Passo Robles Digital Film Festival, Nov 20-25,2008 presented the

The program included Tom Koester's "Plane Fancy", "The Making of Slow Glass", and "The Ennis House"

Check it out at www.3difexpo.com

        "The Ennis House" was presented in 3-D at the 2008 Big Bear Film Festival   on Sept 13, 2008, along with John Hart's 3-D short: "Ghost Car", to a standing room only crowd.  This was the 2nd year in a row that the Festival has had a stereoscopic program, one of the very few Film Festivals in the world to do so.


On Sept 19.2009, the Big Bear Lake Film Festival presented a showcase of 3D films from Independent 3D Film makers from around the world.   Film makers included: Santiago Caicedo, Takashi Sekitani, Celine Tricart,

 Eric Daren, Eric Kurland, John Hart, Phil McNally, Ray Zone, and Tom Koester. Followed by a panel discussion with Tom Koester, Eric Kurland and Sean Isrolit moderated by author and 3D film maker Ray Zone.  This marks the 3rd year that the Big Bear Lake Film Festival has shown a 3-D presentation.


This event follows the success of The Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival's Special Event: 3Diy -The Short Films of the Desktop 3-D Revolution.

In September '09, "The Ennis House" was presented in 3-D at the 
International Stereoscopic Union Conference in Gmunden, Austria. 
This is a semi-annual event highlighting the best of 3-D from around the world.


In non 3-D related activity, Tom was Director and Director of Photography on 17 Jazz and Blues DVDs for Chicago's Delmark Records; most recently, a Jazz concert to celebrate avant garde saxiphonist Fred Anderson's 80th Birthday at the Velvet Lounge in Chicago.   Go to Delmark Jazz & Blues              

"SLOW GLASS"        Production Stills: (left) Tom Koester with his JVC Stereo HDV rig in Big Bear, CA, on the Stereo Club of Southern California's Production: "SLOW GLASS", written and directed by Ray Zone (in blackcap on the left).    This was the first use of the new Hi Def 3-D rig.  The considerable Special Visual Effects in this 14min narrative were done by 3-D experts Brian Gardner, Bernard Mendeiberu, and Sean Isroelit.  (Photos at Left and below Right may be viewed using anaglyph (Red/cyan) glasses; the wide photo is flat 2D).  




  Other 3-D Events

June 12, 2007.  The 5th International 3-D Film and Video Competition was held in Los Angeles.  Winners were:      

1st Place: "Slow Glass" by Ray Zone and Tom Koester                                   2nd Place: "The Towers of Simon Rodia"by  Koester                                                           
3rd Place: "SKF 2107" by Alaric Hamacher. 
All were shot HD 3-D                                       
Honorable Mention: "2324 The Making of an Underground Rock Album" by Tom Koester

July, 2007, "The Towers of Simon Rodia" and "Slow Glass" were presented at the joint ISU (International Stereoscopic Union) and NSA (National Stereoscopic Association) Convention and Exhibition in Boise, Idaho.  "Slow Glass" received 3rd place honors.  

 Sept 15, 2007.  "Slow Glass" & "The Towers of Simon Rodia" were honored at the 2007 Big Bear Lake International Film Festival,      and projected in polarized Digital 3-D to a standing room only crowd.

October 13th, 2007.  Tom's 3-D video, "The Ennis House", received its premiere in Chicago at the Frank Lloyd Wright Conservancy Conference  with simultaneous side-by-side 2-D and 3-D projection.

October 28, 2007.  "Slow Glass" and "The Towers of Simon Rodia" were screened in an all 3-D program at the 1st West County Film Festival in Sebastapol, CA.



 "2324: The Making of an Underground Rock Album" 

A truly experimental film, this is the first feature length verite style documentary ever filmed in 3-D, and the first feature length 3-D documentary since "Cease Fire" in 1953.   

It is available on DVD now from Amazon.com, from CustomFlix.com & ultimate3dheaven.com in the 3-D Field Sequential  version - for viewing with shutter glasses ($14.95).

Among the Special features of the DVD is the ability to play just the songs.  A favorite pet peeve of mine with music documentaries like "The Last Waltz" or "Down From The Mountain" is the trouble you have to go through after you've seen the movie if you want to go back and just play the songs.  I don't like having to toggle through the chapters to do that.  That's why you'll find a "JUST PLAY THE SONGS" button on the 2324:Extras Menu.  Let's hope others follow.

The 3-D anaglyph version, for viewing on a computer* is now available from www.notrecordstapes.com.

"2324: The Making of an Underground Rock Album"  is an in depth look at the work of guitarist Mike Alvarez and his attempt to write a full 10 song CD in the course of a 2 day weekend.  Alvarez hails from that stellar lineage of Texas psychedelic that traces its roots back to Doug Sham and Rocky Erickson.  The video centers on Mike's songwriting - aided by long time musician friends.  The video is done in a very immersive style, which is accentuated by the 3-D.   

To see a flat  (2 dimensional) preview of this video, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jInlu4rh4e8

*To see why I recommend viewing anaglyph on a computer rather than a TV set, go to:tk3dmaker3

To view a 7 min. demo in 3-D anaglyph, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=so-IsxdDbcA

For other Tom Koester video clips and animation, go to www.video.google.com and search Tom Koester

For 3-D information in general, check out the SCSC website at www.la3dclub.com

To check out all those other Tom Koesters: TK3DMAKER.googlepages.com/tk3dmaker2 

Contact:  TK3DMAKER@gmail.com